NYC TLC Rules’ Impact on Lyft and our Driver Community

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We are committed to increasing driver earnings and helping drivers achieve their goals. This is why we support the New York City Council’s minimum earnings goal, but filed a lawsuit to correct the flawed implementation of the law by NYC’s Taxi & Limousine Commission. When we filed the lawsuit, we stated then what has now been confirmed: the TLC’s rules hurt earning opportunities for drivers and reduce competition.

When the TLC’s rules went into effect in early February, we saw their negative impact on driver earnings and took action to stabilize the market largely through the use of passenger discounts. We won’t do this forever, but knew it was important for both the driver community and Lyft while the lawsuit progressed.

Looking at the two days we did not stabilize the market, compared to the same two days in the prior week, shows a significant impact from the rules: Passenger prices increased 24%. Rides dropped 26%, and in turn, driver earnings dropped 15%.

Just this week, another rideshare company, Juno, stated in a court document that after the TLC rules went into effect, they experienced a 30% drop in rides after having to raise passenger prices in order to follow the TLC’s rules. This loss of rides meant that their drivers’ hourly earnings dropped 17%.

We asked our driver community in New York City if the TLC’s new method has impacted them. Below are direct quotes from NYC Lyft drivers with their responses. These are just some of the many drivers who are speaking out. If the TLC’s flawed implementation is not helping them, who is it helping?

“Most days I feel and see 1/2 -1/3 of my daily earnings gone since the increase pay.I'm afraid Bill's will soon be more then I'm bringing in. Please reverse this rule it's not helpful for driver or families.”

“Yes, Demand has been severely impacted, and now I am averaging close to 30$ less a day for even more work.”

“I have 4 kids in school. I drove from 72nd street to water street without a single ride. My income is a struggle, TLC Commissioner is forcing us into food stamps program gradually.”

“Rides have gone down drastically. Definitely worries me. A lot of drivers just like me have invested a lot of money. And now we are losing money because of the Tlc. We pay so much money for Tlc insurance, ridiculous yearly Tlc fees.”

“There’s been a tremendous drop in my earnings since these recent laws been passed, in fact I’ve been literally earning almost half of what I’ve been earning before and working much harder and longer hours to keep up with my bills and family needs. I actually feel I’m on the urge of going bankrupt and becoming unemployed from all these nonsense laws that are actually not making a difference on the city but actually on drivers like me.”

“I was getting constant rides, making a regularly good amount of money on a daily basis without working extreme hours. It was amazing, after the new TLC has been applied, I’ve been working twice as much as I was and making twice as less as I was. There was a major drop in rides and I’ve also noticed not many customers are requesting to go long distance due to the fact that it’s too much money right now and for the tips, tips have dropped as well, I make way less tips than I used to. It’s really crazy and can get very frustrating at times.”

“Ever since TLC implemented these new rules, my ride request unfortunately has decreased dramatically. Making it harder to provide for my family. ”

“I have less rides,  and i have to work more hours even then i am nor making enough. Its horrible because my insurance, car payment and tlc fees still continue.”

“I now need to drive more hours in order to sustain a certain cash flow weekly. Before TLC started meddling in I was able to make bonuses such as the Weekly Ride Challenge from Lyft but because of TLC that is no longer an option.”

“It has definitely affected our earnings.  I believe it has impacted tremendously our rides. I also believe tons of riders have been scared away.  I hope all of this change and get us out of survival mode.”

“Making about $400.00 LESS PER WEEK AND AROUND $70.00 less on tips..”

“Yes. Passengers are complaining about the increase in prices.”

“I been driving for lyft and juno for over 3 year now ! Before if I work 50 hours a week I can make $1500 -$2000! But after the rule changes I have to work 80 hours and still can’t make 1500! Specially in manhattan we have to there is no business! Is very hard to get request! We get we have to wait 3 to 4 hours yo get requests ! Now we can’t even make enough money to pay our car rent and our bills after this change.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed a dramatic drop in rides.  I go hours without seeing 1 ride request from Lyft.  I’m averaging 1 ride per hour from Lyft.  On Tuesday 3/12/19 I was online 2 hours and 31 minutes with Lyft and had no ride requests.”

“Lyft ride requests have slowed down dramatically and haven’t been getting Lyft requests like I use to.”

“There are fewer and fewer rides every day, but more and more complaints from passengers about the lack of service.”

“I've noticed significant drop in earning, been out about the same hours everyday, but receive much less rides requests, since Feb 1st.”

“Less rides. TLC is an organization created to be the major enemy of the black car drivers. They are working in conjunction with the Yellow cab owners. TLC sees Lyft, Juno, Uber and other private car companies as a target to put ticktes and summons. I am thinking to leave this method of earn money.”

“My Lyft earnings have dropped considerably since the change. I like the benefit to earn on whatever app I choose. This limits my freedom and effects my bottom line.”

“My earnings have dropped severely, due to the fact I have to work for both Uber and lyft when I was only a Lyft driver with a very high 5 star rating. This issue reflects on many family’s , if we don’t bring food to the table , then who will?”

“Yes. It takes me longer to reach my daily goal due to the higher fare.”

“Yes. I barely get rides and the earning went low alot.”

“Yes, wait period right now between rides 20-25 minutes,before it was 5-10 minutes”

"Yes, overall less rides. Hardly any tips and less earnings. It’s totally unfair as I have a family to feed.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed a decline in rides. Especially during rush hour times.”

“Yes, big time. My rider earnings drop down by 30% since February 1st and tips drop down by 50%. This new TLC regulations make no sense at all except making troubles for both driver and riders. Hopefully TLC would reconsider the regulations.”

“Yes there is drop in rides. I **spend more then hour today in city with no single ride”

“Yes the earning are very low and the trip are less daily I’ve lost bout 25% of my earnings”

“Yes my rides and earnings have decreased since the new TLC rules went into effect”

“Yes there is a huge drop in rides and people haven’t seen to be happier than before”

“Yes its not the same amount of ride now you nee to wait a lot for the next ride”

“Yes it is noticeable how rides are not requested like before all these new rules and prices have been in effect.less money for drivers.not happy”

“Yes I’m having trouble supporting my family !”

“Yes I lost my earnings by 37%.”

“Yes I did. There is less rides and I’m earning less and having problem to pay bills. We need a rule that helps Both rider and drivers.”

“Yes I am getting fewer rider than before”

“With higher fares for riders I get fewer Lyft rides...and much less tips”

“Very low ride request this keeps up I may have to look for another job.”

“Very less jobs and very hard to find a long trip also I have four kids and I have to pay rent and bills and this is the poly job I have and it’s very hard tuff to do anything with no money”

“They have caused a lot of issues. Ranging from less trips to highly reduced daily earnings.”

“There is only 5 or 6 rides I get for the 8 hours I work. I have Bill's a d rent to pay each month we need to live to.”

“There are less rides and I have to drive around for a long time to one call.”

“The TLC rules supposed to make life easier for New Yorkers not to put extra burden on them.”

“The ride requests are low and there is a lot of idle time in between.”

“The ride request have imapacted a lot. As there is less riders right now.”

“The requests have dropped drastically and impacted me. It’s hurting our daily earning and it’s hard to support my family.”

“Some times 30 to 40 minutes waiting to get rider that's crazy!!!”.

“Significantly decrease rides and earnings, riders not giving tips. Businesses goes very slow day by day.”

“Si me e visto muy afectado mis incrementos bajaron demasiado.y ya e tenido que empezarme a endeudar para pagar mis bills”  (Yes, This has really affected my earnings which have decreased significantly. And now I am having to take out loans/am in debt in order to pay my bills).

“Rides have dropped significantly during peak times Mon. - Fri. 1-7PM. I have not seen an increase in my earnings. These rules aren’t helping me.”

“Rides have been fewer, and as a consequence, income has dropped.”

“Rider get angry about the TLC charge & paying more money for thier ride to get home!”

“Our number of riders have drop significantly, compared to last year numbers. I truly believe this is caused to the new TLC rules.”

“Number of rides are decreased because now rides are expensive. Passenger  use to give tips now most of them are not giving any tips. Now I have to work more hours than before.”

“Not that much money in earnings left now work is kind of dead nowadays”

“Not getting as much business as before rules came into effect.”

“No more long distance rides which are make a big difference in hours of duty we are putting more hours for less money”

“My weekly earning have dropped.”

“My rides are down & so is my income.”

“My earnings are very low. Very few requests coming to me.”

“My earnings are significantly effected.”

“Much lower rider requests, much lower earnings. It seems that TLC recent laws are meant to impoverish much more people like me.”

“Mis rides han bajado en un 50% en la ciudad de Manhattan. Ya casi es imposible encontrar rides lux y Los pocos que aparecen suelen ser bastantes cortos lo que no representa gran ganancia” (My rides have gone down by 50% in Manhattan. It's almost impossible to find Lux rides and the ones I do get are very short and I don't earn much money on them)

“Longer wait time for rides”

“Longer wait time for fares and less earnings with all the expenses I can't make a living. It's very discouraging I'm better off with a regular 9-5 ”

“Less earnings we people who drive have families to support and less earnings less support especially when I am the sole provider for my family”

“It definitely takes mire than twice the time to get a ride as well as to make my daily goal due to drops in rides, which makes it hard to pay all the necessary expenses.”

“I’ve been getting less rides and work longer hours”

I’m receiving less rides after tlc new rules.”

I’m making less money than before”

I'm picking up less passenger each day, and I'm seeing less money”

I’ll have longer wait times for rides since the law was enacted which results to having to work longer hours than before. Earning are definitely down because of this law.”

“I drive with Lyft and Via, but my main source of income is LYFT. But Compared to the earnings before the TLC recent changes in their rules which started from Feb 1st, my earnings went way down, also I'm not getting much requests from the passengers.”

“I am not making enough earnings with Lyft and I am struggling financially and I am behind in my rent cause this is my primary income at the moment.”

“I am not getting regular rides”

“I am not getting  enough  riders like before.Its impact my daily  earnings. If it's  continue its difficult  to survive.”

Fewer trips, diminished earnings, and longer wait times.”

Fewer request from the riders is impact my weekly earnings.”

Earnings went down dramatically”

Earnings and rides went down. Have to work more hours to earn decent amount ”

Don’t get as many rides as before”

Don’t like this rules. They (TLC)are oppressing us a lot.”

We are committed to finding a better way forward: one that preserves and enhances good earning opportunities for drivers, and one that maintains healthy competition between companies in order to best serve all New Yorkers.