Go electric to maximize your earnings

illustration of a white Lyft electric car on a road next to a charging station with a tree and city buildings in the background.

Better for your wallet

Lower maintenance costs, fuel savings, charging discounts, exclusive bonuses, and government incentives help you keep money in your pocket.

Great for rideshare

Driving an EV is easier than ever with public fast chargers all over town and median ranges of new electric vehicles reaching over 230 miles.1 EV drivers on Lyft earned 20% more in tips per ride, according to data averaged nationwide. 2

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Riders Love EVs

Riders love the smooth, quiet ride. EV drivers on Lyft earned 20% more in tips per ride, according to data averaged nationwide.2


EV owners can save on fuel and maintenance costs year after year.3

Electric car plugged in at at electric vehicle charging station.

230 miles of driving range

New electric vehicles offer a median driving range of over 230 miles on a single charge.1 That’s good news for the 90% of drivers on Lyft who drive fewer than 230 miles per day.

Charging is Easy

Illustration of a charging plug and lightning icon.

Public charging

Direct Current (DC) fast charging stations can charge up to 100-200+ miles of range in 30 mins.4 Find it at 850+ stations nationwide and enjoy discounts with EVgo.

Illustration of the front of an electric car being charged with a charging cable with an illustration of an electric plug to the bottom right of the car.

Home charging

Level 2 home and public charging can charge up to 32 miles per hour. You can install a L2 charger at your home and charge in comfort.

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“I saw too much money going to gas. Once I saw the cost of electricity vs. gas, I felt more comfortable getting an EV.”


Driver, 7000+ rides

“Gas used to cost me $140 to fill up. The difference in price to charge my EV is amazing.”


Driver, 5000+ rides

Photo of a white electric car parked in front of a house.

Save thousands with purchase incentives

You may get up to $7,500 off the purchase of certain EVs with federal incentives—and many state and local governments offer additional incentives to help EV purchasers with buying and charging.

Get up to 45% off fast charging with EVgo

We partnered with EVgo to offer fast charging discounts. Elite, Platinum and Gold tier drivers can earn up to 45% off EVgo's standard rates.5

Get discounts on L2 home charging

Our partnerships with Wallbox and Coil can save you money on home charging hardware and installation on top of other incentives.5

Save on fast charging with EVCS

Elite, Platinum and Gold tier drivers can get up to 18% off fast charging with EVCS.5

Save up to 29% off fast charging with Electrify America

We partnered with Electrify America to offer drivers discounts at EV charging stations nationwide. Elite, Platinum and Gold tier drivers can earn up to 29% off standard rates in most markets where Electrify America chargers are available.5

Get cashback with Lyft Direct

The higher your Lyft Rewards tier, the more you'll get back. Elite and Platinum drivers get 7% cashback at public charging stations with your Lyft Direct card.

2Tip amount depends on many factors, including where you’re driving and the age of your vehicle. This figure is based on nationwide data from 7/1/2023 - 12/31/2023 across all US regions and vehicle ages.

5For all offers from our partners, drivers must be approved to drive on the Lyft platform. Prices and discounts are subject to change or withdrawal at any time and without notice, and may be subject to other restrictions set by the partner. Please visit the partner’s website for a full description of the terms and conditions applicable to your product or service. Lyft is not responsible for the products or services offered by other companies, or for the terms and conditions (including financial terms) under which those products and services are offered.