The Driver’s Guide to Bonuses

As a driver, the biggest part of your total earnings comes from the fare you earn for each ride that you give. You can supplement your earnings with bonuses, which are most commonly offered during the busiest times and in the busiest locations.

How bonuses work

Bonuses provide an opportunity for drivers to earn more by driving in the busiest areas at the busiest times of day. These times and places may change from week to week — and bonus offers may also vary as a result.


When there’s a high demand for rides near you, real-time bonuses may appear in the Lyft Driver app.


You can see scheduled bonuses ahead of each week to help you plan when to drive. When scheduled bonuses are available to you, they'll be added to the Driver app on Friday mornings.

animated GIF showcasing Bonus Zones product feature in Lyft app on a mobile phone.

Bonus Zones

Earn even more when it’s busy with Bonus Zones. When Bonus Zones appear as pink and purple zones on your map, you’ll know it’s busy on the road. After you drive into a zone, you’ll unlock that bonus for your next ride request. You’ll earn the bonus once you complete that ride.

Bonus Zones appear in real time on your map in the the Lyft Driver app.

animated GIF showcasing Ride Streaks product feature in Lyft app on a mobile phone.

Ride Streaks

Ride Streaks are multiple-ride bonuses you can earn when you accept back-to-back rides during the busiest times. They typically become available when drivers are most needed for rides — during weekday commute hours, and on busy holidays and events such as St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve.

When available, scheduled Ride Streaks are added to the Lyft Driver app on Friday mornings. Additional Ride Streaks may also be added to your app throughout the week.

animated GIF showcasing Streak Zones product feature in Lyft app on a mobile phone.

Streak Zones

Streak Zones are multi-ride bonuses that take the guesswork out of where it’s busiest near you. To start your streak, drive into a Streak Zone and accept your first ride request within the zone. Stay online and accept every ride until you've completed the required number of rides to earn your bonus. You don’t need to stay in the zone for subsequent requests, so you can go where your heart (and your riders) take you.

Check your app on Friday mornings to see if there are available scheduled Streak Zones for the following week. In addition, Streak Zones may be added to the Driver app throughout the week.

animated GIF showcasing Ride Challenges product feature in Lyft app on a mobile phone.

Ride Challenges

A Ride Challenge is a multiple-ride bonus you’ll earn when you give a set number of rides within a set timeframe. An example could look like this: “Complete 10 rides between Monday 5 AM and Friday 6 AM to earn an extra $25.”

When Ride Challenges are offered, you'll be able to choose the challenge that works best for you. Available options appear in the app on Fridays for weekday Ride Challenges and on Tuesday for weekend Rides Challenges.

Earning bonuses is always optional (and up to you). You're not required to accept any specific request for services or bonus offer in order to continue driving with Lyft, or to keep your access to the Lyft app or Lyft platform.

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