Transportation for all

Millions of people lack access to basic needs because they can’t get a ride.

Through our Lyft Up initiative, we’re working to make sure everyone has access to affordable, reliable transportation to get where they need to go — no matter their age, income, zip, or postal code.

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Getting people to work

The difference between landing a job and a lost opportunity often comes down to a ride. When the economic recovery begins, we’ll be ready to provide free Lyft car rides to and from job training programs, interviews, and the first three weeks of new employment to give unemployed individuals a fairer chance at success.

Inadequate transportation is a barrier to employment opportunities and economic advancement for millions of Americans.


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Making healthy food accessible

Approximately 23.5 million people in the US live in neighborhoods without access to fresh, healthy food¹. Nearly half of them live on low incomes. Making the trek to a grocery store across town isn’t always an option. We offer discounted Lyft car rides to low-income families and seniors heading to and from grocery stores, farmers markets, food pantries, and SNAP benefits appointments.

Grocery Access Program

To date, the Grocery Access Program has provided over 50,000 discounted rides across 25+ cities to help people access grocery stores.

Local Partner Organizations

Our local partner organizations coordinated the donated food and identified community members in need of food assistance while Lyft managed the logistics of these food deliveries. In partnership with Mastercard, we’ve facilitated over 2 million meals through 10+ local partners.


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Connecting every neighborhood

We recently partnered with LeBron James and his athlete empowerment company, Uninterrupted, to help empower young people and connect communities in need through bikeshare access. We’re also working to bring more bikeshare docks to lower-income neighborhoods so that everyone can access the benefits of bikeshare. Anyone enrolled in or qualifying for state or federal assistance programs can apply for a significantly reduced-cost bikeshare membership.


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Helping people get to the polls

In the 2016 presidential election, it’s estimated that more than 15 million eligible voters didn’t go to the polls because they didn’t have a way to get there. This year, we’ll be offering free rides to the general election through a number of nonprofit partners.


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Providing relief in the aftermath

Natural disasters strike hardest at low-income communities. We team up with local organizations and first responders to provide rides to help those in need access urgent services, shelter, and other critical resources.

Emergency relief

Since 2017, Lyft has activated for over 25 disasters ranging from storms and hurricanes to wildfires and extreme weather incidents.

Disaster recovery

We provided free rides to and from temporary housing when thousands lost their homes in California’s Camp Fire in 2018.

Community support

To date, the program has provided over 2,000 rides to shelters, cooling centers, evacuation sites, and more.


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Creating a path to new beginnings

Through the Lyft Up Access Alliance, we’re providing access to rides that’ll help underserved communities of color reach essential resources and services. As a part of this initiative, we’re joining forces with impact-driven organizations like My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, National Urban League, Black Women’s Roundtable, and more.

We provided access to an estimated 4.6 million discounted or donated rideshare, bikeshare, and shared scooter rides to help under-resourced communities.

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Making big change with your small change

Everyone can help us bring affordable, reliable transportation to all. Join Lyft Up by choosing an organization to donate to in the app — we'll round up the cost of your ride to the nearest dollar and donate the difference.

Lyft riders have donated more than $23 million since 2017, providing thousands of free rides and supporting communities across North America.