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We're currently not offering Black Car Fleet onboarding in your region. If this is of interest to you, please fill out this form and we'll follow up once it becomes available in your region.

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A few requirements

Top quality cars

Only luxury vehicles qualify for Black and Black SUV. See eligible vehicles.

Top quality drivers

Drivers with Lyft Black must meet all Lyft’s driver requirements and local professional driver requirements.

Proper paperwork

Your company must have all the permits and commercial insurance needed to operate in your area.

Easy management

Our Partner Portal makes it simple to onboard your fleet and upload documents

Get more rides

With Lyft, you and your drivers have access to more earnings opportunities

Use it when you want

No commitment and no schedule. Your drivers can accept Lyft rides whenever they’re not busy serving other riders

Boost your bottom line

By increasing access to rides, you help maximize your fleet’s earning potential

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