Introducing Extra Comfort

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Starting today, we’re introducing a new premium ride type: Extra Comfort. In select regions, experienced drivers with a newer, roomier vehicle can now get matched with Extra Comfort rides. When they do, they’ll earn more for providing an elevated ride experience.

What to expect with Extra Comfort

Higher earnings

Drivers earn more on Extra Comfort rides than Standard rides.

Exclusive access

Select drivers qualify based on vehicle type, 4.85+ rating, safer driving, and car cleanliness.

Helpful rider information

When matched with an Extra Comfort ride, drivers get access to rider preferences before pickup. This makes it even easier to provide a great ride.

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How to qualify

To be eligible for Extra Comfort rides, drivers need to meet the following criteria:

  • Complete at least 100 trips

  • Maintain a minimum rating of 4.85

  • Have 0 safety flags in past 20 rides

  • No more than 1 cleanliness flag in past 20 rides


How do I know if I’m eligible?

If you’re eligible for Extra Comfort, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Lyft. You can also verify this by checking your ride preferences in the Driver app. You’ll have access to Extra Comfort as long as you continue to meet the requirements.

Where can I see my progress toward qualifying for Extra Comfort?

If your vehicle is eligible for Extra Comfort but this ride type isn’t listed under your ride preferences, you may be missing one or more requirements. To view your progress toward these requirements, open the menu in the Driver app and tap ‘Account.’ Here you’ll see your driver rating and number of completed rides. To view your safety and cleanliness flag progress, open the menu in the Driver app, tap ‘Feedback and Rewards,’ and then ‘Your Feedback.’

How do I opt in?

In most cases, you’ll already be opted in to Extra Comfort rides if you qualify. Black and Black SUV drivers have the option to opt in or out in ride preferences

To view your ride preferences:

  1. Open the main menu and tap 'Vehicles and Devices.'

  2. Tap 'Your Vehicles.'

  3. Tap 'See details' on your active vehicle.

  4. View your available ride types.

Is the pickup experience different for Extra Comfort rides?

Extra Comfort rides offer riders an elevated experience. Riders will be able to select their preferences to create their ideal ride, which helps you provide even better service. These preferences include:

  • A quiet ride: Learn ahead of time if your rider wants to chat or if they prefer a quiet ride with minimal conversation and no music.

  • Help with bags or luggage: Riders can indicate if they want help loading their belongings into the car.

  • Temperature: Know your rider’s preference for vehicle temperature and adjust it accordingly for a more comfortable ride.

How do I know if a ride is Extra Comfort?

You’ll see “Comfort” listed as the ride type on the Accept screen ahead of accepting a ride.