Meet the Man Helping New Yorkers Get to Work — And Look Good Doing It

Rev video - Jan 19, 2024

Kevin Livingston, a Queens native, began the nonprofit 100 Suits more than a decade ago with an idea as simple as its name: to give away 100 suits to people who needed them. He began collecting donated suits and distributing them, no questions asked, at “pop-ups” on the streets of Queens — outside of a Popeyes, at active gang sites, or next to gun buyback programs. When people put on the garments, he’d see the impact immediately.

Through community support and sheer hustle — “I used anything and everything I had,” he says — 100 Suits gained a foothold. But early on, Livingston realized that simply handing out suits was not enough. Today, the nonprofit has five sites across New York City and about 30 staff members, working in everything from violence reduction to workforce development, from computer literacy for seniors to a program in the city schools to mentor troubled students. 

Hear Kevin tell the 100 Suits story, and how Lyft is working to help him help New Yorkers in need.

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