Safety for all means looking out for our drivers

Lyft is an inclusive community and your safety is important to us. We’re looking out for you every time you give a ride. We believe in people looking out for people. With high safety standards for all, proactive safety support, and help from real humans.

High safety standards

Proactive safety support

Help from real humans

Looking out for each other

High safety standards

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  • How we share the ride
    Our Community Guidelines state that we always treat each other with respect. Discrimination is not tolerated. Anyone who violates our policies may be permanently removed from the platform. And, you can cancel any ride that makes you feel unsafe.

  • Driving with children
    Minors must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older to ride. And riders must bring a car seat for children who require one.

  • Share your pronouns
    By adding your pronouns to your profile, you can help create a space where everyone feels seen and respected.

Proactive safety support

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  • Smart Trip Check-In
    We monitor rides to help you get where you’re going. If we notice anything unusual, we’ll reach out to see if you need help.

  • Share your location
    Add your trusted contacts to your safety settings. For extra peace of mind, let loved ones see where you are, in real time.

  • Your privacy is protected
    We never share your phone number or personal information with other drivers or riders.

  • Two-way ratings
    If you rate your rider three stars or fewer, you won’t be matched with them again. Your feedback is anonymous and lets us take appropriate action to help keep the community safe.

Help from real humans

  • Emergency Help with ADT
    If you ever feel unsafe, you can quickly connect with an ADT security professional from your app. They can provide live support in uncomfortable situations. They can also alert authorities and share important ride details, like your GPS geolocation and your vehicle’s license plate number.

  • Live safety support
    Safety Team members are always standing by, ready to help via phone or chat.

  • Specialized support and advocacy
    Every member of our Safety Team is a credentialed victim advocate. We also have a trauma-informed care team. Each member of that team has over 330 hours of specialized training.

Looking out for each other

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  • Masks are now optional during rides
    Wearing a mask is optional in most cities.* We know that everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to health safety. So you can keep wearing a mask, if you'd like to, when you drive or ride.

  • A respectful community
    We expect everyone to follow our Community Guidelines. That includes treating each other with respect, and not driving or riding if you have COVID-19 or any related symptoms.

Driver resources

Tips to stay safe

Feel prepared and secure whenever and wherever you drive with these safety tips.

Handling conflict

Learn how to advocate for yourself in tricky situations. Developed with experts, our tutorial on communication techniques will help you deal with difficult riders.

Insurance coverage

See what Lyft covers, what you need, and what to do in an accident. Plus, get answers to frequently asked questions on our insurance resource page.

*Wearing masks on transportation may still be required by law in some areas, and we encourage you to check your local public health requirements before using Lyft.