Safety is our top priority.

Find out how we’ve got your back, before, during, and after the ride when you’re driving with Lyft — safety is built into every stage of your journey.


visit your local hub

Visit your local Hub

Before you start driving, come visit a driver Hub near you for an in-person orientation and to get your questions answered.

community guidelines icon

Holding our community to a higher standard

We require every rider and driver to agree to our Community Guidelines before they can take or give a ride with Lyft. We believe every ride should be a welcoming and safe space — for everybody. Anyone found in violation of our guidelines can be removed from the platform.

safety education icon

Complete our Community Safety Education

You’ll need to complete a safety program we developed in partnership with RAINN, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the US. You’ll learn how to handle challenging situations and create a safe and comfortable ride for all.

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Know who you’re picking up

View your passenger’s name, photo, and how other drivers have rated them before you accept a ride. If you ever feel uncomfortable, you can decide to not accept the ride. Your car, your choice.


Safety tools at your fingertips

Call 911 Easily

Call 911 easily

To give you immediate access to emergency help in case you ever need it (and to help you ride a little easier even when you don’t), we built a 911 button into your app. It’s there for both riders and drivers, and when you tap it, the app will display your current location and vehicle info so you can quickly share details with emergency dispatchers.


24/7 support

Our Support Team is always standing by, ready to help — by phone or email. You can also reach us through our Critical Response Line if you ever need to speak to someone right away.

share your location

Share your location

Share your exact location with friends and family for extra peace of mind.

Smart Trip Check-In (coming soon)

Predicting when you need help

Coming soon: In some cases, if we notice your ride has stopped too soon or for an unusual amount of time, drivers and riders will hear from Lyft. We’ll ask if you need support, and if necessary, we’ll give you the option to request emergency assistance.


Phone calling driver

Contact info stays private

We’ve anonymized phone numbers in the app so you can communicate with passengers for smoother pickups — without sharing your actual number.

Smiling driver

Your passenger ratings matter

If you rate a passenger three stars or less, we’ll make sure you aren’t matched together again. If you flag a passenger for violating our Community Guidelines, they’ll be required to complete a Community Safety Education program and may be removed from the Lyft platform.

Driver next to car

Rest easy with our insurance

Our car insurance offers four types of additional coverage — from the moment you go online until you drop off your last passenger of the day.

Tanisha - Las Vegas Lyft driver

“Lyft passengers are super friendly — even when they aren't chatty, they're very polite. I've [given] 5,000 rides and counting!”


Las Vegas driver