Rides for women, by women

We're driving change one ride at a time. Now, women and nonbinary drivers can turn on Women+ Connect to increase their chances of matching with more women and nonbinary riders.

Introducing Women+ Connect

Women+ Connect offers more choice, opportunity, and peace of mind for women and nonbinary riders and drivers.

Why we built Women+ Connect

To create opportunities

Women+ Connect gives women and nonbinary people more control over their driving experience, offering them more choice in how they earn.

To make rideshare better

Diverse communities are stronger, more interesting communities. Making Lyft better for women is one way we’re making Lyft better for everyone.

To connect women

Good vibes. Conversations that turn into friendships. Comfortable silence. A nod that says "I get it." Women+ Connect empowers women and nonbinary riders and drivers.

Built in partnership with

Human Rights Campaign

It's on Us

National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives

National Sheriffs’ Association

“Women+ Connect was built with intentionality to make rideshare better for women and nonbinary riders. When rideshare is better for these folks, it’s better for everyone, and we at HRC stand behind that.”

Jay Brown, Human Rights Campaign

*Real Lyft drivers, compensated for their time.


Gender FAQ, with answers from the Human Rights Campaign