Helping Lyft’s driver community

We care deeply about the safety of Lyft drivers and are grateful for everything you’re doing to help support our communities during this time. What’s most important is that you take care of yourself and your loved ones, follow guidance from your local government, and stay informed. We’ll continue to update this page, so we encourage you to check back here for the latest news and other information.

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Focus on your health and safety

We are working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to inform our new policies and products and keep you informed. The CDC, Public Health Agency of Canada and your local government’s regulations are the best sources for updated guidance.

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Health Safety Program

The responsibility we have to protect one another is shared by both riders and drivers. Our program, outlined below, is designed to make that easier to do and help hold everyone accountable.

  • Requiring a health safety commitment before riders and drivers can use Lyft

  • Requiring face coverings in all rides

  • Offering health and safety education: COVID safety tutorial for drivers and a similar video for riders

  • Reduced the number of riders allowed in a ride, so the front seat can always be kept empty

  • Giving you the control to cancel without penalty, if the health safety commitment isn’t being followed

  • Created the Lyft Store to give you access to affordable cleaning supplies and face masks. All of these products are available to drivers Lyft’s cost – Lyft does not make a profit off these sales. Visit the store.


Safety > Coronavirus > Driver [NEW - 9/28/20] > Easily get cleaning supplies

Easily get cleaning supplies

We know it can be hard to get your hands on affordable face masks and cleaning supplies right now. On Lyft’s online store, you can easily order all the items you need to protect yourself and others, and to meet our health safety requirements — like face masks, sanitizing spray, and more.

Order cleaning supplies
Safety > Coronavirus > Driver [NEW - 9/28/20] > Your clean ride guide

Your clean ride guide

Fight the coronavirus on car surfaces. We collaborated with P&G Professional and The University of Tennessee Health Science Center to develop a cleaning process with details on where to clean, which products to use, and how to disinfect every surface.

View our guide

Making moves to help you earn more

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Launched Essential Deliveries

We're actively working with government agencies, local nonprofits, and healthcare organizations, so Lyft drivers can help deliver essential items like meals, groceries and life-sustaining medical supplies to those in need. The program is currently live in 15+ cities and we’re actively working to add more. Learn more.

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Reduced Express Drive rates and requirements

Minimum ride requirements have been waived and participating drivers may return their rental cars at any time at no additional charge. Applicable rental fees will be temporarily waived if a driver is diagnosed with COVID-19 or put under individual quarantine by a public health official.


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Saving you more money

  • Auto repair and maintenance shops are still open: Through Lyft’s partnership with Openbay, you can find special service packages and discounts across select shops in your area. Learn more.
  • Mobile Service is available: While our Driver Centers and hubs are temporarily closed, Mobile Services are currently available in Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, and Philadelphia and will continue to support essential vehicle repairs, while following guidelines for social distancing.
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Guiding you through government support

  • How to access State Unemployment Assistance: We’ve put together a guide with FAQs to help you navigate the process of accessing unemployment assistance, whether you’ve lost your traditional full-time or part-time job or you're earning significantly less as an independent contractor because of COVID-19.
  • Claim your CARES Act payment by Nov. 21: If you haven't gotten your Economic Impact Payment (EIP) yet, you’ll need to act soon to claim your financial relief. If you don’t usually file tax returns, you can use this non-filers form to let the government know you need your EIP. The submission deadline is Nov 21. If you normally file taxes and haven’t received your EIP, you can check your payment status here.
  • CERB ended on Sept. 27: CERB recipients may be eligible for assistance under an Employment Insurance (EI) program, and there are also programs in place to help workers who don’t qualify for EI. Learn more about the new programs.