How to unlock a bike

Install Lyft or Bay Wheels App

Use the Lyft or Bay Wheels app to find nearby bikes and stations, purchase rides, receive important ride notifications, and more.

Unlocking with an app

  • Click on “Scan to Unlock”, and scan the QR code located on the rear tire.

  • For other options, please consider:
    Ebike - Enter the chainstay number (the numbers on the bar along the middle of the rear tire).
    Classic - Enter the 5-digit code into the dock to unlock your bike.

  • Once you see the green light - the bike is unlocked.
  • Enjoy the ride!

Link your Bay Wheels membership

  • Download or open the latest version of the Lyft app for Apple or Android
  • Open the menu and tap your profile
  • Tap the Bikeshare Account option under the Linked Accounts section
  • Tap Bay Wheels and enter your Bay Wheels membership email and password
  • Happy Riding!

Unlocking from the Kiosk

  • Make sure all Push Notifications are turned on
  • Only Classic bikes are available through the kiosk, not ebikes
  • Push the button on the kiosk to wake up the screen
  • Press the “Rent a bike” button on the kiosk. Insert your credit or debit card
  • You should receive a 5-digit ride code
  • Enter that code into the keypad on the dock next to an available bike
  • When the light turns green, the bike is unlocked - remove it from the dock by the handlebars, or lift the seat to release it
  • Your code will expire after you take your bike out
  • If you want to ride again while your pass is active, just insert the same credit card into the kiosk to request a new ride code (remember - your last code expired!) Don't worry, when you’re re-entering your credit card, it’s only to validate your account. You won't be charged again.

With your Clipper Card

  • Did you know you can use a Clipper card to take out bikes?
  • Learn more here on how to link your accounts