Ride on, Bay Area

Riding with Bay Wheels is an easy, affordable, and super-fun way to explore San Francisco, the East Bay, and San Jose. Just hop on an ebike or a classic ride—and be on your way.

How it works

It's so easy.

1. Unlock it

Pick out a bike, and use the Lyft app or your Clipper card to scan its QR code. Unlock it

2. Ride it

Hop on and start cruisin’.

3. Park it

Find an open space at any Bay Wheels docking station. When the lock-in light turns green, you’re all set. Ebikes can be parked at public racks for an additional $2.

For more info about the rider experience, go here.

Plans & pricing

One membership. A bunch of perks.

Members get reduced rates on ebikes, $0 unlocks, and more.

See the Bay Area. Like, a whole bunch of it.

Wherever you need to go, there’s a bike waiting to get you there. Just check out the map below.

Work hard. Play hard. Ride easy.

Save money. Save time. Have fun. Go green. What’s not to love?

Explore the city

Art rides. Park rides. Waterfront rides. Just-for-the-heck-of-it rides. There are thousands of miles of bike lanes in the Bay Wheels service area. Go get ‘em.

Reinvent your routine

Tired of your regular commute? Grab a bike when you need to get to work or school, and drop it off at your destination. Easy peasy.

New in the app

Rides with friends

Want to bike with a buddy? Our ‘Ride Together’ feature lets you unlock a bike for a guest. Look for it next to the ‘Scan’ button on the app. Members get a limited number of free guest unlocks.