Bike Angels

You love bikes. Now, they’ll love you back.

It’s a two-way street. As a Bike Angel, you ride bikes from crowded stations to those that are running low on bikes, making the system work better for a whole lot of people. And as a thank you, those rides will add up to sweet rewards.

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Remember to update your app to the latest version on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Rack up points on the daily

Becoming a Bike Angel is easier than you think. Once you sign up and start seeing points on your Bay Wheels map, it’ll take just a few seconds of quick math to see how you can make the ride you were already going to take — to work, coffee, yoga in the park — earn you points and rewards.

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Want to make it a game? It’ll be fun.

We know riders who pull in even more points with a little move we call trip chaining. They’ll find stations with drop-off points that are walking distance from stations with pick-up points and take a half hour out of their day to rebalance. Check out the Bike Angels leaderboard!

Gimme the skinny


Become a Bike Angel in your Bay Wheels app. (You can earn points from the Lyft app if you’ve connected your Bay Wheels membership, but you won’t see points in that account.)

Gimme the skinny


Find a crowded station to grab a bike from (up arrow). Next, spot a station that's looking low on wheels and needs a Bike Angel to dock a bike ASAP. (down arrow)

Gimme the skinny


After completing a couple of rebalancing rides, watch the points add up in your Bay Wheels app. When you earn five, we'll put a reward in your account.

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OK, so what do I do with all these points?

When you hit the magic number (five, in this case), we’ll automatically load a coupon worth five ebike minutes into your Bay Wheels account.


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Loop the loop

Find trip opportunities that loop back to your starting point to create circuits that keep earning points. And hey! You also just got a workout in.

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Trend spotter

After a few weeks, you’ll start to see trends in your area for stations that are overloaded after a morning commute or empty on Saturday afternoons. You know what to do!

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Keep score

High-value stations will pop in pink in your Bay Wheels map, and those scores are updated every 15 minutes. Learn more about Bike Angels points.

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But you can't start earning if you don't show up

Remember to update your app to the latest version on the App Store or Google Play Store.