Lyft Economic Impact Report

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 96% of drivers

96% of drivers

Work or are students in addition to driving on the Lyft platform.

95% of drivers

95% of drivers

Drive fewer than 20 hours per week. These drivers give the majority of rides on the Lyft platform.

Drivers were nearly 4 times as likely to prefer a work arrangement that includes protecting their independent contractor status and the flexibility that allows and adds benefits, as with California’s landmark Prop 22.

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Lyft has been publishing the Economic Impact Report since 2015. Based on surveys of thousands of drivers and riders, this report provides unique insights into who uses the Lyft platform and what they need.

Drivers are busy people. They need independence and flexible schedules to earn around their other commitments. The Lyft platform provides them with that ability.

The Lyft platform improves access to transportation for riders of all incomes and identities - especially those who have been historically underserved.

Learn more about the people who use the Lyft platform in our annual Economic Impact Report.

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In order to produce this report, Lyft fields major surveys of drivers and riders on the platform and leverages internal operating data. We employ rigorous methodological standards to all aspects of the report and publish a detailed methodological supplement for interested readers.