Is driving for Lyft Safe?

Is Driving for Lyft Safe hero

Safety is built into every aspect of driving with Lyft — we’ve got your back before, during, and after every ride.

Safety tools, features, and tutorials

Here are a few ways we help protect drivers while they’re on the road:

In-app safety features

From the Lyft Driver app, you have access to 24/7 support, roadside assistance, emergency services, and real-time maps you can share with family and friends. We’ve created a tutorial with more details about these features, and that will help you understand how they work. 

Start the in-app safety tutorial.

Prioritizing well-being

As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, we’re updating our policies and developing new safety education tools to help everyone protect each other. In our safety tutorial, you’ll learn tips from the CDC, WHO, and the Public Health Agency of Canada about how to prioritize everyone’s well-being — including your own — when you’re behind the wheel. 

Start the COVID-19 safety tutorial.

Expecting the unexpected

As a Lyft driver, you’ll interact with people from all different kinds of backgrounds and experiences. We want to make sure you always feel comfortable, and have a few strategies to help you navigate unexpected situations. 

Start the passenger interaction tutorial.


Where can I get more info from Lyft on driver safety? 

Learn more about how Lyft works to keep drivers safe. 

Is Lyft safe: 

Millions of Lyft rides happen every single day. Our goal is to ensure every one of them is safe and comfortable from start to finish. So we invest in safety innovation and build in-app safety features. We provide around-the-clock support. We educate our community about what’s appropriate. All with the goal of protecting every member of our community. Learn more about our safety initiatives. 

Is driving with Lyft safe? 

We work hard to prioritize the safety and well-being of drivers. From our in-app safety features to our online safety tutorials to our driver insurance policies, we do everything we can to help make sure Lyft drivers feel supported. Learn more about our driver safety initiatives