Introducing Lyft Driver Services, designed to save you money and make driving easier.


Lyft Direct Debit Card

Never wait to get paid again with Lyft Direct, a new, secure, online bank account and debit card. Whether you’re looking for no account fees or cash back on everyday purchases like gas, starting early this summer, you’ll get instant access to financial benefits designed with drivers in mind.

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No-fee bank account with access to over 20,000 fee-free ATMs

debit 2@2x

Unlimited, fee-free payouts put money in your account immediately after every ride

debit 3@2x

Cash back on gas (2%), groceries (1%), and select dining (4%)


Driver Centers

Say hello to welcoming community spaces where you can quickly deal with car maintenance for less. We’re in the process of building out brand new Lyft Driver Centers in convenient locations where you’ll be able to find affordable auto maintenance, putting more money in your pocket.

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Reliably low-cost services with the goal of saving you up to 50% on common repairs

drivercenter 2@2x

With a goal of 50% faster service, we’ll cut wait times from hours to minutes

drivercenter 3@2x

First location already open, with more locations and additional services coming soon.


Mobile Service

Convenience is king, especially when it comes to car repairs. Starting in the Bay Area in April and expanding from there, our mobile service vans come to you.

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You choose where to receive maintenance — home, work, or anywhere we’re able to reach you

mobileservice 2@2x

Get back on the road fast with quick and efficient service

mobileservice 3@2x

Low prices just for Lyft drivers


Expanded Express Drive

No car? No problem. We’re expanding our Express Drive program now so you can get on the road and start earning ASAP.*

xd 1@2x

Expanding services beyond 30 largest cities

xd 2@2x

6,100 new vehicles are ordered and on their way

xd 3@2x

4,600 of which are hybrid or electric

*Terms and conditions of Express Drive Partners apply


Driver Advisory Council Expansion

Your voice matters, and we want to give you a prominent seat at the table. By adding 45 new Driver Advisory Councils across the US and Canada, we’re giving you an even bigger say in how we make decisions to improve your experience.

council 1@2x

Introducing 45 new councils by the end of April 2019

council 2@2x

More councils mean we can hear more — and more diverse — driver voices

council 3@2x

With this new, larger network, we can address city-specific needs faster


Safety is our top priority

Find out how we’ve got your back, before, during, and after the ride when you’re driving with Lyft — safety is built into every stage of your journey. Click here for details.

insurance 1@2x

Know you’re covered — whether you’re accepting rides or running errands

insurance 2@2x

Earn $0.25 extra on each eligible Lyft ride you give — up to $500 every six months

insurance 3@2x

Get a deductible as low as $250 for physical damage to your car

*Policy terms and exclusions of the applicable rideshare insurance policy apply


Skills and Certifications

Accelerate your career while making money driving. Starting this spring, Lyft has new language learning and education offerings to help you acquire certifiable skills to beef up any resume.

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Strengthen your English with online language lessons, or opt for an in-person English proficiency course with the National Immigration Forum

skills 2@2x

Free English language proficiency certificate recognized by top universities and employers

skills 3@2x

Plans to introduce new courses and certifications beyond language skills

Ready when you are.

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