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New York Medicaid Rides Made Easier with Lyft Healthcare

Lyft Healthcare is excited to announce that our transportation network is expanding to serve eligible Medicaid Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) patients in New York state. Now, patients and providers can request a Lyft ride for Medicaid non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) rides. These rides are arranged through Medical Answering Services (MAS), the statewide transportation manager. New York joins 23 other states and the District of Columbia that have incorporated Lyft as part of their Medicaid NEMT programs to expand access to care, improve patient experience, and reduce costs.

What’s new?

Lyft is now an available option for the New York Medicaid MLTC population. This means that Medicaid MLTC patients can access convenient, reliable Lyft rides to and from medical appointments. Patients and providers can book a ride by calling MAS at the phone numbers indicated below or in the MAS provider portal. Stay tuned for updates on Lyft expanding ride eligibility to all Medicaid enrollees, not just MLTC patients.

Why choose Lyft for your Medicaid rides?

Unreliable transportation shouldn't be a barrier to accessing healthcare. Lyft offers a variety of features to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for patients to get to their medical appointments, including:

  • On-demand and scheduled rides: Get picked up fast with on-demand rides (average 5 min wait time) or schedule ahead for future appointments.
  • Real-time tracking: Once a ride is confirmed, riders will receive text messages or a voice call with their driver's estimated arrival time and vehicle information—no Lyft app required. Smartphone users can even access a real-time tracking link to see their driver’s exact location.
  • Access to the Lyft driver network: Riders can be confident that they’ll get a prompt and reliable ride to their appointment.

Lyft Healthcare aligns with CMS Federal and State Medicaid Regulations and the HIPAA Privacy and Security Law.

How to ride with Lyft

Scheduling a ride
To schedule a Medicaid ride with Lyft, patients and providers can contact MAS at (844) 666-6270 for downstate or (866) 932-7740 for upstate to specify their preference to use Lyft for an upcoming MLTC appointment. Once a ride has been scheduled, patients will receive a text or voice call from Lyft with the details about their upcoming trip.

Getting to the appointment
On the day of the appointment, riders will receive real-time text updates about their upcoming ride. If they don’t have a cell phone, we’ll call them about their ride.

Easy return trips
We know how important it is to allow room for flexibility with medical appointments. With Lyft, patients have the power to request return rides on-demand. This user-friendly feature works with any phone with text messaging capabilities and gives patients more control over their trips.

After their appointment, patients will receive a text from Lyft with a link to request a return ride. Once ready, patients can request their ride by clicking on the link in the text and tapping ‘Request now’ or by calling a dedicated phone line. A Lyft driver will typically arrive within 5 minutes.

At Lyft Healthcare, we're dedicated to making healthcare more accessible for everyone. By partnering with Medicaid programs, we're working to reduce transportation insecurity and to ensure all individuals have a reliable ride to their appointments.

Ready to experience a smoother ride? Contact MAS today and schedule your next trip with Lyft. Download the Lyft app for added convenience and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and comfortable ride on your way to better health.

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