Reliable rides for
New York Medicaid members

Lyft is now available to Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) patients, with plans to expand to all Medicaid members soon.

Designed for healthcare

Lyft Healthcare aligns with CMS federal and New York Medicaid regulations.

Easy rides

Patients don't need the Lyft app or even a smartphone to ride. They'll get driver details and ride status updates via SMS.

Quick pickups

Average wait time is less than 5 minutes once a ride is requested.

How it works

How it works

Scheduling a ride

Request a Lyft ride through MAS, the Medicaid transportation manager for New York state. You can request a ride via your MAS provider portal, or by phone.

If you’re upstate: (866) 932-7740
If you’re downstate: (844) 666-6270

Getting to the appointment

We’ll text your patient with details about their upcoming ride. If they don’t have a mobile phone, we’ll call them about their ride. We’ll also provide trip updates the day of their appointment.

Heading home

Your patient will get a text from Lyft to request their return ride.

Tips for a smooth ride

Be ready

A Lyft driver should arrive promptly, so the patient should be ready to go when you request their ride. A driver will wait five minutes after they arrive at the pickup location.

Contact the driver

If your patient has trouble finding their ride, they can call or text the driver directly to coordinate.

Check the ride

Tell your patient to check that the license plate, car model, and driver’s name match the details in their text message.

Get in touch

Email the Lyft Healthcare team at to learn more.

Frequently asked questions