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Easy Account Management

Choose from transportation products designed to meet your business needs, and use the Lyft Business Portal to easily manage your account.


Request courtesy rides for customers, patients, guests, or staff — even if they don’t have the Lyft app (or a smartphone).

Business Travel Program

Enable your employees to separate business and personal rides and automate (or eliminate) expensing.

Lyft Pass

Partially or fully cover rides for your people, while staying in control of budget and usage.

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Request courtesy rides for the people that matter to your organization — your patients, customers, or guests — even if they don’t have the Lyft app. You can request rides for them from the Concierge dashboard.

Offer top-notch services

Delight your riders with courtesy rides to get them where they need to go — with or without a smartphone.

Stay on schedule

Request rides on demand, schedule ahead, or let riders request a ride when they’re ready.

Stand out from the competition

Attract new customers and drive repeat business by expanding your offerings with convenient rides with Lyft.

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Business Travel Program

Business Travel Program

Take the busy work out of business travel. A Business Travel Program with Lyft gives your employees the ability to separate business and personal rides in the Lyft app, earn rewards, and automate expensing.

Eliminate or automate expensing

Automatically expense rides in the Lyft app or eliminate expensing altogether by directly billing your company account.

Improve employee satisfaction

Riders can earn Lyft Cash and Priority Pickup rides when they use a business profile. (Terms apply.) Plus, they can earn extra rewards through Lyft's airline and hotel partnerships.

Manage and track spending

See ride details including location, times, and cost. Download reports for easy reconciliation and auditing.

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Lyft Pass

Lyft Pass

Give your people the greenlight. With Lyft Pass, you can partially or fully cover the cost of rides for your people, while staying in control of budget and usage.

Delight your people

Help your organization stand out by offering access to easy and reliable transportation for your people.

Customize based on needs

Create custom ride rules like setting pickup and dropoff locations, time of day availability, or budget amounts per ride.

Control costs

Keep costs and budgets under control, and review reporting all in the Lyft Business Portal.

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Lyft Business Portal

Manage your organization’s Concierge, Business Travel, and Lyft Pass programs, update access, and review program spend all in one place.

Make it easier for your people to get around

Set up your Lyft Business Account and get started today.

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