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Getting set up in the Lyft Business Portal

As an admin, you’ll use Concierge in conjunction with the Lyft Business Portal — a central place where you can manage payments, get insights into your organization’s ride spend, and authorize team members to send courtesy rides.

If you don’t yet have an account, go to the Lyft Business website and click ‘Get Started,’ then finish signing up.

If you already have an account, you can skip this step. Questions? Just contact us.

As part of your sign-up process, you’ll need to schedule a call with a Lyft Business representative before moving on.

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Add a program

A ‘program’ is a dashboard for sending rides. You can create multiple programs if you have multiple groups of riders that you want to keep separate, or if you want to have separate teams managing rides. To create a program, click ‘Programs’ under the ‘Concierge’ tab on the left side of your screen.

You’ll be prompted to create a name for your program. (Please note: this will be displayed to your riders and in reports.)

Finally, you’ll be asked to enter a payment method for each program you set up.

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Advanced settings

You can customize your program settings in the ‘Advanced settings’ section of a program page.

You’ll be able to manage your email preferences, create custom fields (to enable better reporting and billing), and more.

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Adding coordinators to a program

Coordinators are the team members you designate to send courtesy rides. Every program you create can have a different coordinator or coordinators (or you can use the same coordinators for all your programs).

To add coordinators, just enter their email addresses (separated by commas) when prompted, and then click ‘invite.’ You can add more coordinators at any time by selecting the ‘People +’ icon in the upper-right corner of the Program page.

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Start sending rides

As soon as you’ve set up a program you can start sending rides.

Your coordinators will receive an email letting them know how to set up their accounts. Visit our Launch Guide for coordinators to learn more.

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Access your monthly reporting

Once your coordinators start sending rides, you’ll have full access to your organization’s ride history and the related reports.

To view and download reports, just click on the ‘Reports’ tab. If you have multiple programs, you can select one from the dropdown.

You can download a month-to-date report by simply clicking “Download CSV” next to the current month at the top of the page, which can then be opened in Excel or Google Sheets. You can also download a consolidated report across all your Concierge programs by selecting the “All programs” option on the “Filter reports” dropdown.


Stevinson Imports

Stevinson Imports, a Jaguar and Porsche dealership serving the greater Denver area, uses Lyft Concierge to take its customer service standards to another level, increase revenue, and reduce shuttle maintenance costs.

Hitch Health

Hitch Health partners with Lyft to achieve a 27% improvement in medical appointment adherence.

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