Riding Classes

Looking to brush up on your riding skills? Check out these free safety classes in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, and San Jose hosted by our local bike coalitions.

Bike East Bay

These fun workshops are taught by an instructor certified by the League of American Bicyclists. Learn basic rules of the road, how to equip your bicycle, fit your helmet, avoid bike theft, ride after dark, and prevent common crashes. 2-hour, indoor workshop for adults and teens, no bike required.

More Classes Coming Soon

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC)

Come learn the basics of biking in San Francisco at our Intro to Urban Bicycling Workshop. This course covers bicycling for everyday riding in SF, the rules of the road, route planning, how to use Bay Wheels, and details of Bike Share for All (Bay Wheels’ program for low-income participants). This course is a great class for people who already know how to bike but are considering bicycling more in the city, joining Bay Wheels, or looking to brush up on urban skills.

  • SFBC and Bay Wheels -- Intro to Urban Bicycling Workshop
    Wednesday, June 10th - 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC)

Has it been a long time since you’ve ridden a bike or are you simply looking for a refresher? Come learn the basics of bicycling at our Intro to Urban Bicycling Workshop. The course is a one-hour presentation covering many of the basics: the rules of the road, route planning, and Bike Share 101. No membership is necessary.

More Classes Coming Soon