Your safety is our priority—learn more about safety practices for riders and drivers.

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On-demand rides for in‑demand people

Your shift starts at 8. Happy hour on the patio only lasts for an hour. And your family would love to see your face again, ASAP. We’ll match you with a driver in seconds, show you the quickest bus route, or help you find the nearest bike or scooter.

A hop, skip, and a jump is just a tap away

Hit the road, or the rails. Find a ride that fits your style and budget.*

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Bikes & Scooters
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Wait & Save
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Priority Pickup
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Preferred Mode
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Roomier cars
Top drivers

Lyft XL
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Extra seats

Lyft Lux
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*Availability of bikes, scooters, rentals, ride types, and transit information varies by region.

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VIP benefits

Unlock faster pickups at no extra cost, member-exclusive pricing, and free roadside assistance for your own car—right in the app. Plus relaxed ride cancellations, free classic bike rides, and more.

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Rewards programs

We’ve got rewards for miles. Literally. Earn everything from airline miles to credit card or hotel points, and more, every time you ride.

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Health & safety go hand-in-sanitized-hand

We built our services with your safety in mind. All riders and drivers agree to wear masks. You can see car and driver details right there in your app. Easily share route info with friends or family. Or request assistance in case of emergency. If you ever need it, we’re standing by, ready to help.

Make short work of your commute

Whether you’re a frontline worker who needs to get to the job site ASAP, or a work-from-homer getting ready for your triumphant return to the office, we’re here to help. Find a budget-friendly commute ride you can count on, at any time of day.

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The easiest way to rent a car

Wanna get the heck out of Dodge? And quick? You can be in the driver’s seat in just three taps of the screen. Reserve your rental car on the Lyft app (or right here). No long lines. No pesky paperwork. Just pick up your wheels and hit the road.

*availability of rentals varies by region

LyftUp Grocery Access

Making millions of rides more accessible

We believe transportation is a basic necessity. Getting to polling places, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, or to grandma's house for a visit. It all requires accessible, dependable transportation. That’s why we’re working to offer affordable, reliable rides to everyone who needs them. No matter their income, zip or postal code.

Learn more about LyftUp
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Give the gift of getting around

When you give Lyft gift cards to your family and friends, it’s like the world is their present. That’s because they’ll get access to convenient, reliable, masked-up Lyft rides, whether they’re headed all around town, or just around the block.