The more we ride, the more we raise

Round up your ride payment to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to a worthy cause of your choosing.


Supporting the causes you believe in will make the world a better place.


Why your seat matters

On average, Round Up & Donate adds just a few dollars per month. But when we all sit together, our collective action can make a big difference.

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How you can participate

Opt in to Round Up & Donate through the 'Donate' button in the 'Menu' (look for the heart). Once you turn it on and choose your cause, we’ll automatically round up each ride payment.

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Who you're helping

Provide access to transportation when it’s needed most, protect LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights, create parks, support our troops — and more. See all the causes you can choose from.

Learn more about Round Up & Donate

We don’t accept applications for Round Up & Donate, but if you’re a nonprofit apply for a Wheels for All Grant.