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Lyft at LAX airport.

We’ll send you a text with a link to download the app.

So many ways to ride

Lyft is your own personal ride. Whether you’re riding solo or hitting the town with your friends, this sedan is yours to fill. Up to 4 max; available nationwide.

Wheels down. Ride out.


Schedule a ride up to 7 days before your flight. We’ll remind you when your driver’s nearby.

After you land, open the Lyft app and follow the directions to find your pickup zone. Note that every airport has different pickup spots. Find your [airport’s rules here](https://help.lyft.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013078748-Airport-Information-For-Passengers "airport's rules here").

Earn Delta SkyMiles with Lyft

For a limited time, earn 2 miles on every $1 spent on qualifying LAX rides when you link your Lyft and Delta SkyMiles accounts.

Traveling for work? Meet the business profile.

Easy expensing

Automatically send receipts to your company's expense system - no extra work needed on your end.

Separate accounts

Keep work and personal rides separate with a business profile, and switch between both with just a tap.

Trip rewards

When you're on a work trip, rides do double-duty. Unlock special perks like discounts and personal ride credits.


I'm a driver — where can I see instructions for giving rides at LAX?

Can Lyft pick up at LAX?

Yes, Lyft can pick you up or take you to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Use the Lyft mobile app to request an airport ride. We recommend that you arrive at LAX at least 2 hours before your flight.

How much does Lyft to LAX cost?

Fares to LAX are calculated based on distance, time, base charge, the Service Fee, and any applicable taxes or fees. Some airports trips may be subject to a surcharge / fee that may not be included in your initial fare estimate. You will see it on your ride receipt. To get an estimate, visit our Fare Estimator.

How will I know exactly where to meet my driver?

Make sure you put the pin in the spot where you’d like to be picked up before you make your request. In some cases, the app will move the pin automatically to the correct pickup area.

When should I make my request at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)?

You should wait until you are ready to go to make your request (bags in hand). Drivers are not allowed to wait or circle the terminal if you’re delayed.

Is it okay to use Lyft if I have a lot of luggage?

Absolutely! All Lyft cars have at least four seats and a trunk for you to use. If you have a lot of bags and need to use more space in the car, it’s best not to use Lyft Shared, which may pair you with other riders.

Is there an extra fee for airport rides?

Yes, there is an additional fee charged for airport rides that may not be included in your initial fare estimate. You will see it on your ride receipt.