Lyft Cash Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: February 22, 2022

These Lyft Cash Terms and Conditions ("Lyft Cash Terms") constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Lyft, Inc., and any Lyft affiliates ("Lyft", "we", "us"), governing your purchase and use of Lyft Cash ("Lyft Cash").

By purchasing, activating, or otherwise using Lyft Cash, (including in the form of a physical or digital gift card), you expressly acknowledge that you understand and agree to the Lyft Cash Terms and the Lyft Terms of Service, including its arbitration provisions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE LYFT CASH TERMS AND LYFT TERMS OF SERVICE (INCLUDING ITS ARBITRATION PROVISIONS), THEN DO NOT PURCHASE, ACTIVATE OR OTHERWISE USE LYFT CASH.

Lyft Cash is a gift card issued by Lyft, Inc. Lyft Cash may be used to pay for charges resulting from your use of certain goods or services (collectively, "Charges") that you request through the Lyft Application ("Lyft App"). Lyft Cash may be purchased in the form of a physical or digital gift card and must be activated in the Lyft App. Lyft Cash may also be purchased and activated directly through the Lyft App, or it may be purchased at qualifying physical retail locations in the United States (“Retail Location(s)”). Please consult the Lyft App for more information on Retail Locations near you.

Lyft Cash can only be purchased using United States dollars (“USD”) and can only be purchased or used in the United States. Lyft Cash may be subject to certain limits, including total balance limits and transaction limits, as determined by Lyft. You must have a Lyft profile in good standing with Lyft in order to activate, use, or access Lyft Cash, or to purchase Lyft Cash at Retail Locations and through the Lyft App. Lyft Cash that has been purchased for, or activated in, a Lyft account can only be used in that Lyft Account. No portion of Lyft Cash may be transferred to another party. Lyft Cash is not reloadable. Lyft Cash does not expire and is not subject to any fees. Except to the extent required by law, Lyft Cash is not refundable, and is not redeemable for cash. All Lyft Cash purchases are final. Lyft Cash has no value until used to pay Charges.

Lyft may also apply Lyft Cash directly to your Lyft Account, without any purchase by you, in connection with a promotion, contest, program, or otherwise at Lyft’s discretion. Lyft reserves the right to withhold, revoke, or deduct Lyft Cash that has been applied to your account by Lyft, if Lyft determines or believes that its application was in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of the applicable promotion or program terms.

Lyft Cash may only be redeemed for certain Charges incurred through the Lyft App, and only where Lyft goods and services are available. Once you purchase Lyft Cash it will automatically become your default payment method in the Lyft App for eligible Charges unless you specify otherwise in your payment settings. To utilize Lyft Cash you must always maintain a valid alternative payment method in the Lyft App. Lyft Cash cannot be used to pay for all Charges; excluded categories include, but are not limited to, memberships, consumer rentals, driver fees, gift cards, and Charges incurred outside the United States. You agree that your alternative payment method will be utilized to pay for the amount of any Charges exceeding your available balance of Lyft Cash and for any Charges that are ineligible for use with Lyft Cash. Lyft reserves the right to expand or restrict the scope of goods and services that may be redeemed using Lyft Cash without notice.

Lyft Cash may only be purchased through the Lyft App or a qualifying Retail Location, and Lyft Cash may only be used and accessed through the Lyft App. Lyft may require you to verify your identity to purchase or use Lyft Cash for the purpose of complying with anti-money laundering rules and other regulations. Lyft may prevent you from purchasing Lyft Cash, or suspend your use of the Lyft Cash you have purchased, until you comply with Lyft’s identity verification requirements. If your Lyft Cash balance is suspended, your alternative payment method will be used for any Charges you incur. Lyft reserves the right to impose limits on the amount of Lyft Cash you can purchase or use on any day.

You may choose to purchase Lyft Cash at a Retail Location, manually through the Lyft App on a one-off basis, or you may enable the automated Lyft Cash refill feature in the Lyft App. This refill is not a reload of the same gift card, but constitutes a separate purchase of a new Lyft Cash gift card. For your convenience, the total amount of all current gift card balances will appear as a single Lyft Cash balance in the Lyft App. By enabling the refill feature you authorize Lyft to automatically charge your payment method for a new purchase each time your Lyft Cash balance falls below $15 USD for the amount that you pre-select. Purchases of Lyft Cash through the refill feature are not refundable or revocable, except where required by law. You may modify the amount of your refill purchase, or disable the refill feature, at any time in the payments tab in the Lyft App.

Lyft is not responsible for any loss, or unauthorized or fraudulent use of your Lyft Cash. Lyft is not responsible if you are unable to access your Lyft Cash, Lyft account, or the Lyft App. You agree that you will not be able to access your Lyft Cash if your account is involved in a payment dispute, or if your account is suspended or terminated for violating Lyft's Terms of Service. Lyft reserves the right to suspend, withhold, or deduct any portion of your Lyft Cash balance at any time if Lyft determines or suspects that your Lyft Cash was purchased, used, or obtained in error, fraudulently, illegally, in violation of any applicable promotion or program terms, or in violation of these Lyft Cash Terms.

By purchasing Lyft Cash you authorize Lyft to draw down on your Lyft Cash balance for any Charges or other amounts you owe to Lyft, including amounts you owe in your capacity as a driver, if applicable.

Deletion of your Lyft account will result in the irrevocable loss of any Lyft Cash balance remaining at the time of deletion. Please check your account for any balance prior to deleting.

Lyft reserves the right to modify these Lyft Cash Terms at any time, with or without notice. Your purchase or use of Lyft Cash following any update to the Lyft Cash Terms constitutes your acceptance of those terms. Lyft shall have the ability to redeem any Lyft Cash balances for cash or move such balance to a successor product, if any, in the event that Lyft terminates or modifies the existing Lyft Cash program, to the extent permitted under applicable law.

Lyft Cash is issued in the State of California and these Lyft Cash Terms shall be governed by the laws of the State of California without regard to choice of law principles.