1. I am applying for a job position at “LYFT UKRAINE” LLC (the "Candidate") and hereby acknowledge that "LYFT UKRAINE" LLC, located in Kyiv (Ukraine) (the "Company") needs to accumulate, maintain and otherwise process certain data about me as a Candidate applying for a job position at the Company to exercise its rights and perform its obligations connected with processing of the Candidate's job applications, as well as for other purposes expressly listed in the Company's Data Processing Policy (the "Policy"), including but not limited to the following:

    1. To identify, source, and evaluate the Сandidate for employment positions;
    2. To determine and validate the Сandidate's qualifications for employment;
    3. To create an employment record if the Сandidate is successful;
    4. To the extent permitted or required by applicable law, to conduct employment and diversity monitoring;
    5. To provide the Сandidate with user support of the Portal (as defined below);
    6. To communicate with the Сandidate;
    7. To send the Candidate notifications about new positions that match the Candidate's profile;
    8. To improve the Portal and to ensure content from the Portal is presented in the most effective manner for the Candidate and his/her device;
    9. To administer the Portal and for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, statistical and survey purposes or keep the Portal safe and secure; and
    10. To develop the Portal and improve recruitment processes.
  2. Personal data includes any personal data provided directly by me, and obtained from other sources such as third parties, including but not limited to, personal or professional references in connection with my application or at recruiting events, and also those accumulated by the Company. My personal data that may be processed by the Company according to its Policy may include any information or a set of information about me as an individual, including sensitive personal information, including, but not limited to:

    1. Information about me that I provide as part of my application for the relevant position at the Company by using the Lyft candidate portal (the "Portal") to apply for a role or by corresponding with the Company by phone, email or otherwise. This includes information I provide when I register for and use the Portal, such as my full name, contact information (i.e., telephone number, address, email addresses and identifiers in messengers), work experience, educational qualifications, ability to work in Ukraine and any information I choose to submit on or upload to the Portal (such as information from a CV) at my own discretion.
    2. Information from third parties. I understand and hereby provide my free and unconditional consent that the Company may receive information about me from third parties (for instance, my work history etc.), such as referees, recruiters, organizations, as well as recruiting tools and services, that may provide the Company with any available information about me in compliance with the applicable laws and to the extent allowed by such laws.
  3. I hereby grant my free and unconditional consent to the Company for processing my personal data whether provided by me or received by the Company from third parties or from publicly available sources, for the purposes stated in the Company's Policy and this Consent to Processing of My Personal Data, including, but not limited to, the following: to process (including to collect, store, use, adapt, disclose, block, erase, transfer to third parties, etc.), including sensitive personal data, including to transfer to any foreign person in a foreign state, including those that may not provide adequate level of protection of personal data relative to the requirements of the Ukrainian laws, received by the Company at any time and in any way in connection with processing my job application and performance of the purposes stated in the Company's Policy and this Consent.

  4. My personal data will be updated by the Company based on information provided by me. I have the right of access to my personal data and the right to have it corrected, if the available data is inaccurate. Procedures for access and/or correction of my personal data may be obtained through the HR Department, or the Director of the Company, or directly at the Portal.

  5. The Company shall undertake all reasonable measures to restrict intrusion into my private and family life through processing of my personal data, which is in possession of the Company.

  6. I give this Consent To Processing Of My Personal Data for the period during which the Company is obligated to process certain personal data under the applicable laws of Ukraine and/or other relevant countries, as well as pursuant to the Company's Policy.

  7. I also provide this consent to the Company to transfer my personal data to third parties as may be required at the Company's discretion and is specified in detail in the Company's Policy, including transfers to foreign parties in any country of the word, including those located outside Ukraine or outside the states that ensure adequate protection for personal data according to the Ukrainian laws, among them: (i) the Company’s affiliates; (ii) Portal providers used by the Company to collect and process my personal data, and other services providers that provide the Company with services and tools related to managing the Company's recruiting and hiring practices, including legal advisors and other consultants, contractors, services providers of the Company and/or affiliated companies (including, without limitation, IT systems suppliers, etc.); (iii) Candidate's references, prior employers, and other organizations; (iv) regulators, courts, law enforcement, tax authorities, in the course of litigation, or with other entities in circumstances where the Company is under an obligation to do so by law; (v) other recipients as legally required, provided the recipients undertake to ensure due protection of my personal data from unauthorized use or disclosure, and that such transfer is performed pursuant to the purpose and according to the applicable Ukrainian data protection laws. Transfer by the Company of my personal data to the above third parties (including transfer to any other counties of the world) does not require my separate consent or providing me with separate written notifications about each such transfer.

  8. I hereby define the procedure for revocation of this consent as follows: by my written application, personally signed. If such revocation is made, then the Company has the right to continue processing my personal data to the extent necessary to fulfill statutory obligations or to protect or enforce the rights of the Company and/or of third parties, including as may be necessary for justifying, satisfaction or defense of a legal claim.