Transportation for all.

Millions of people lack access to basic needs because they can’t get a ride.

Through our LyftUp initiative, we’re working to make sure everyone has access to affordable, reliable transportation to get where they need to go — no matter their age, income, zip, or postal code.



Uniting the power of our community

It’s always been about taking care of people. That’s why we’re coming together as a community to support each other throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Together with more than 500 partners across the country, we’re providing free rides and essential services to people in need. Because when we lift each other up, nothing can keep us down.

Learn about our coalition of partners, and about the actions we’re talking to help support our communities.

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Providing relief in the aftermath

Natural disasters strike hardest at low-income communities. We team up with local organizations and first responders to provide rides to help those in need access urgent services, shelter, and other critical resources.

Emergency relief

We covered all Lyft rides to evacuation centers during 2017’s Hurricane Harvey.

Disaster recovery

We provided free rides to and from temporary housing when thousands lost their homes in California’s Camp Fire in 2018.

Community support

We provided free rides to blood donation centers after the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017.


Jobs Access_LyftUp launch

Getting people to work

The difference between landing a job and a lost opportunity often comes down to a ride. When the economic recovery begins, we’ll be ready to provide free Lyft car rides to and from job training programs, interviews, and the first three weeks of new employment to give unemployed individuals a fairer chance at success.

Inadequate transportation is a barrier to employment opportunities and economic advancement for millions of Americans.


LyftUp - Voting access

Helping people get to the polls

During the last presidential election, it’s estimated that more than 15 million eligible voters didn’t go to the polls because they didn’t have a way to get there. This year, we’ll be offering free rides to the general election through a number of nonprofit partners.


Baywheels Bike_LyftUp

Connecting every neighborhood

We recently partnered with LeBron James and his athlete empowerment company, Uninterrupted, to help empower young people and connect communities in need through bikeshare access. We’re also working to bring more bikeshare docks to lower-income neighborhoods so that everyone can access the benefits of bikeshare. Anyone enrolled in or qualifying for state or federal assistance programs can apply for a significantly reduced-cost bikeshare membership.


Grocery Access_LyftUp

Making healthy food accessible

Approximately 23.5 million people in the US live in neighborhoods without access to fresh, healthy food¹. Nearly half of them live on low incomes. Making the trek to a grocery store across town isn’t always an option. We offer discounted Lyft car rides to low-income families and seniors heading to and from grocery stores, farmers markets, food pantries, and SNAP benefits appointments.

Food access in Washington, DC

Florestine Jones lives In Washington, DC’s Ward 8, where one full-service grocery store serves 80,085 residents. (Ward 3, meanwhile, has nine grocery stores for 84,274 residents.)

We help Ward 8 residents get rides to fresh, healthy food

In Washington DC’s Ward 3, where the average household income is $136,832, average life expectancy is 85.1 years. In Ward 8, where the average household income is $34,824, the average life expectancy is 70.2 years.

DC Community Health Assessment, Volume 1, DC Department of Health

“That’s why I’m still around.”

“Because when I grew up, I had beans and greens. Nothing frozen. Everything came from the ground.”

— Florestine Jones, 78, Washington, DC


LyftUp Community Grants

Supporting local organizations

Transportation access can be a big help for grassroots organizations that address our most important urban challenges. We support them with LyftUp Community Grants of up to $20,000 in free or discounted rides. Some of our LyftUp Community Grant recipients include the Museum of Jewish Heritage, National Mental Health Association of Georgia, and Women's Resource Center to End Domestic Violence.

We award over $500,000 in ride credit annually to small, grassroots organizations that are helping close transportation gaps in their communities. Apply.

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Making big change with your small change

Everyone can join us in helping to bring affordable, reliable transportation to all. Join LyftUp by rounding up your ride payment in the app and donating to a humanitarian organization in your community.


Lyft riders have donated more than $20 million since 2017, providing thousands of free rides and supporting communities across North America.