Elite Rewards For Elite Drivers

Elite Rewards For Elite Drivers

Introducing our new Lyft Rewards tier: Elite. Reserved for the best of the best drivers, this tier offers our most exclusive rewards yet.

Elite rewards include:

  • More cashback: Drivers earn 10% cashback on all gas purchases with a Lyft Direct card.

  • More peace of mind: Elite status protection helps top drivers stay on top. Elite drivers can restore their status when they maintain Elite for three consecutive months.

  • More of the rides drivers want: Elite drivers can save time and stay busy with premium airport pickups. They’ll get bumped up in the airport queue by 30 minutes, every time. Early access to scheduled rides gives Elite drivers the chance to reserve high-paying trips in advance. Drivers enjoy more choice over  when and where they drive with six location filters per day.

  • More exclusive access: For a limited time, Elite drivers get access to Glow, our new dashboard device designed for faster, easier pickups.

How to qualify

To learn more about Elite eligibility in your city, navigate to the Driver app.