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Sitting in an office isn't for everyone. A growing number of people prefer the freedom and variety that comes with driving for a rideshare service (like Lyft!). Unlike many other driving jobs, as a driver, you get to be your own boss, decide when and where you work, and when you take breaks — all while earning reliable cash.

When you drive with Lyft you get to:

be your own boss

Be your own boss

You call the shots and decide your own schedule.

Driving Jobs > Content List > Get paid

Get paid reliably

Earn more with frequent bonus opportunities and cash out quickly.

Driving Jobs > Content List > Build community

Build community

Meet interesting people — riders and drivers alike

Over 21

If you’re 21 and have a
smartphone, you may already
be qualified.

How much do Lyft drivers make?

Lyft driver pay is determined by three factors:

  • Base rate: A guaranteed fare for picking riders up
  • Distance rate: The amount you earn per mile (or per kilometre, if you’re in Canada) in the city where your ride starts
  • Time rate: The amount you earn per minute in the city where your ride starts

Lyft’s rates may vary by city, region, and time.

How much can I earn driving with Lyft?

Lyft lets riders tip you right through the app — you keep 100%. You can also have the opportunity to earn more from bonuses, like driver challenges, which give you extra cash for things like consistent driving. With Express Pay, you can cash out instantly as long as you’ve earned at least $5.

The Lyft driver app is designed to maximize your earnings:

Driving Jobs > Content List > Weekly guidance

Weekly guidance

We’ll show you demand forecasts, bonus details, and recommended driving times and areas up front.

Driving Jobs > Content List > High-demand

High-demand hot spots

We’ll show you high-demand areas nearby, and we’ll help you navigate there.

Driving Jobs > Content List > Local event

Local event guides

Sports games and concerts often mean big earnings. We’ll show you what’s happening in your area up to a week in advance.

Want to learn more? Read about the Lyft Driver app and why Lyft is one of the best alternatives to a driving job.

Lyft vs Uber

There are lots of great ways to make money driving, including apps like Lyft and Uber. Many drivers choose Lyft because of the earnings, flexibility, and support. Lyft cares deeply about driver safety, and helps drivers set earnings goals within the app, score driver bonuses, and earn tips. Since day one, Lyft drivers have earned over half a billion dollars in tips!

Driving Jobs > Text image Module > Lyft as an alternative to other jobs

Why driving Lyft is a better
alternative than truck driving
jobs, taxi driving, or bus driving

Driving with Lyft vs. other driving jobs

The biggest difference between driving with Lyft vs. other driving jobs is you don’t need previous experience and, in most cities, you don’t need a special license.

Taxi driving: In many cities, taxi drivers need a special taxi endorsement, and sometimes a special taxi license. Unless you own your own taxi cab, you’ll need to rent one from a taxi company.

Limo driving: Some limo drivers must be ready to drive for their clients at a moment’s notice, so they remain on call throughout the day. Lyft offers high-end ride options that let drivers with nicer cars earn more. See if your vehicle qualifies for high-end rides.

Truck driving: You'll need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) before you can operate most commercial trucks. To earn your CDL, you’ll need to pass a truckers knowledge and skills test, which changes based on the weight of the vehicle. Some truck driver jobs require you to work as an employee for a trucking company, though some truck drivers work for themselves, and own their own driving truck.

Bus driving: To drive a bus, you’ll need a CDL plus several additional endorsements: one to drive a bus and another to carry 16 or more passengers.

Driving Jobs > Text image Module > Lyft vs. office

Driving with Lyft vs. office, administrative, or retail jobs

Office or administrative jobs can be a good fit for those who like to stay put, or who enjoy working at a computer or handling paperwork. But for those who’d prefer to move around, driving with a rideshare service offers greater variety, the chance to be your own boss, and the ability to get paid quickly.

Lyft drivers often report that driving is a great way to continue doing what they love, to network and meet new people in their city, and to get paid when they need it.

How to supplement your income by

driving part-time

You can enjoy many of the benefits of driving with Lyft by driving part-time, depending on your schedule. For example:

Drive during the weekend: Driving is a great supplemental weekend earnings opportunity for those who work jobs during the week but still want to earn more cash or want to save up for a personal goal.

Drive while you’re in-between jobs: Driving is a great way to earn while you’re in-between jobs, while you’re waiting to hear back from a potential employer, or while you’re switching careers. (Especially from truck driving jobs.)

Drive during the off season: Have a job that’s only active during some seasons, like summer or fall? Drive with Lyft to keep earning throughout the off season. Driving with Lyft is also a great way for college students over 21 to earn during summer break.


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