Driving Jobs Versus Lyft

Why Drive with Lyft?

See why thousands of people choose ridesharing over traditional driving jobs. If you want to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and get paid instantly, Lyft is the right option for you.

Traditional Driving Jobs

These roles often require a special license, commercial vehicle, and set hours.

Package delivery
Delivery Driver

Pick up and deliver people’s packages and food for them.

Taxi cab
Taxi or Limo Driver

Pay to rent a car from a cab company’s fleet every week.

Bus Driver

Transport dozens of passengers at a time on a strict schedule and route

Truck Driver

Get licensed to operate a large vehicle for long distances and hours.

Lyft passengers and driver

Lyft: The Job Alternative

For a flexible way to earn on your own terms, drive with Lyft.

Be Your Own Boss

You choose what to wear and listen to, and when you get paid.

Make More With Tips

Passengers tip right in the Lyft app — and you keep 100%.

Earn Weekly Bonuses

We’ll thank you in cash for driving during busy hours. Learn more.

Choose Your Car

Drive the vehicle you already know and love, or rent one from us.

Set Your Own Hours

With Lyft, you’ll drive (and earn) whenever you want, 24/7.

Join for Free

Start earning in about a week, with no fingerprinting or fees. See the requirements.