Making Lyft work for you

New features and app improvements rolling out this spring

Get feedback and support

We’re making it easier to find kudos and helpful feedback — as well as tips for improvement.

Give rides easily

We’re replacing pesky extra taps with simple, error-proof swipes.

Find high-earning opportunities

We’ll show you where demand is highest, so you can plan your week around earning.

Get clear feedback on how to improve (or stay at 5 stars)

New feedback features


Ratings and comments from passengers, conveniently located in your app.

New feedback features


If we notice a pattern in your feedback, we’ll suggest tips to improve.


Monitor your feedback — in your app

It’s much easier to provide a 5-star experience when you can see the whole picture of your feedback: ratings, kudos, comments from passengers, and feedback patterns.

So we’re putting everything you need to improve your rating in your app, right alongside tips on how to put your best ride forward — every time. You’ll see specific details about what your passengers love and what you can improve, like car cleanliness or customer service. And if we notice a pattern in your feedback, we’ll suggest tips on how to increase your rating.


Mandatory feedback on low ratings

We’ll now require passengers to give a reason if they rate your ride less than 5 stars — because it’s easy to improve when you get feedback you can act on.

Passenger view pictured here.


More details about low ratings

We’ll ask passengers to share more details about low ratings so you know exactly what it means when you receive less than 5 stars for things like “driver issues” or “car concerns.”

You’ll see additional details (like car temperature issues or poor customer service) in the new feedback section of your app. The more details you have, the easier it is to make every ride worthy of 5 stars.

Passenger view pictured here.


Rating protection

Some people just don’t know a 5-star ride when they see one. If you ever get a passenger who gives every driver a low rating, we’ll drop their rating from your average.

A clearer, easier app


Say goodbye to accidental drop-offs.


Swipe to 'Pick up' and 'Drop off'

By replacing some of the most error-prone taps with a simple swiping action, we’re making accidental drop-offs a thing of the past. Just swipe once to 'Pick up' and once to 'Drop off'.


Detailed pickup notes

Locked gate? Crowded street? With our brand new pickup notes in your app, pickups will be smoother than ever. You’ll no longer have to switch between apps to get important details about the pickup.

How it works
Passengers will be prompted to send you a message about how to find them. The app will suggest the most frequently-mentioned details, like a gate code or building number.

You’ll receive a notification right in your app if your passenger leaves a message for you.


Preview your route

See step-by-step directions right in your Lyft navigation before you start driving. No more switching apps to see where you’re headed, and no more mystery trips across town.

How it works
During a ride, tap the arrow menu in the top right or the top bar of your navigation app to see the full directions list.


A clearer 'Destination' filter

We’ve cleaned up the 'Destination' filter in your app so it’s easier to see how many times you can use it.

Slide EN

Simpler driving screens

When you’re giving a ride, you want to focus on the road and your passengers — not the app. We’re updating the driving screens in your app so it’s easier to navigate between them when you’re giving a ride.

Find the highest-earning times and places to drive in your city

New earning tools


Planning tools, bonus details, and demand forecasts, now easily discoverable in your Earnings tab.

New earning tools


We’ll show you the best times to drive in your city, so you can plan your week around earning.


Weekly earning guidance

Reliable earnings should be a sure thing, so we’re adding demand forecasts, bonus details, referral info, recommended driving times and areas, and weekly planning tools to the 'Earnings' tab in your app.

You’ll find all the week’s high-earning opportunities — like a spike in demand at the airport — so it’s easier to plan your week around earning.


A clearer pay breakdown

Your earnings breakdown now includes your time and distance rates, so you can clearly see why a ride earned a lot (or why it didn’t).


Local event guides

Sports games and music festivals often mean big earnings. With local event info right in your app, you no longer have to scan the city news to figure out when there’s a high-earning event in your city.*

How it works
You’ll see events up to a week in advance, as well as the event hours, peak drive times, venue location, and event details. To find them, just swipe up on your home screen or scroll to the bottom of your 'Earnings' tab.


High-demand hot spots

When it’s busy, you want a better way to see demand to increase your chances of getting rides. Hot spots, our new real-time map feature, help you see where passengers are requesting more rides, more clearly.

How it works
If there’s high passenger demand in your area, you’ll see hot spots in the map on your home screen.

Where it’s available
We’re starting to roll out hot spots in the following cities, and expanding to more later this year: Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Athens, GA, Baltimore, Boston, DC, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Nashville, Philadelphia, Portland, Providence, RI, San Diego, Seattle, Tacoma, Tampa.

*Local event guides are available everywhere except Brooklyn and Boston.