The driver’s guide to pay

Earnings you can count on

Riders rely on you. And you can rely on making good money with Lyft. Get to know the tools and strategies that can help you meet your earnings goals.

How earning works

Get transparent earnings on every ride

Use tools to help you stay busy

Earn bonuses to reach your goals faster

Keep 100% of your tips

Transparent earnings on every ride

The biggest part of your total earnings typically comes from the fare you earn for each ride.

See what you'll earn upfront

In most cities, you’ll see the earnings for each ride upfront, along with the ride details, to help you evaluate if you want to accept it.*

The fare is based on characteristics of the ride, such as:

  • Estimated time and distance to complete the ride
  • Distance to the pickup

The fare also depends on what’s going on in your area, such as:

  • The number of ride requests in the area
  • How many drivers are on the road
  • How busy it is at the destination

For more details about how earning with Lyft works, take this interactive tutorial.

Your share of the fare, guaranteed

You can see how rider payments are split between you, Lyft, and external fees—on every ride.

You get 70% or more after external fees

If your weekly earnings are below 70% of passenger payments after external fees, you’ll get paid the difference. That’s our earnings commitment.

Track it all in the app

Your earnings summary shows a weekly breakdown of your total earnings and your share of rider payments. All in one place.

*Upfront pay is not available in Washington state, New York City, Portland, or Toronto. If upfront pay is not available in your city, then you will be paid for each minute and mile of the trips you complete, based on your city’s per-minute and per-mile rates.

Bonuses to reach your goals faster

Bonuses can help you make decisions about when, where, and how much to drive. Turbo, Bonus Hours, and Ride Challenges are scheduled in advance, while Bonus Zones appear on the map in real time.


Earn 10–40% more per ride with Turbo. You’ll see Turbo times every week during busy times. Just drive when they’re offered and watch your earnings stack up. Turbo is available only in select regions.

Bonus Hours

With Bonus Hours, you earn extra for every ride you give. Check your weekly planner for Bonus Hours and drive during those times.

Ride Challenges

Earn a bonus by giving a set number of rides within a set time frame. You can choose a Ride Challenge that works with your driving plans.

Bonus Zones

See where to earn more right now. Just drive into a Bonus Zone on your map to unlock a bonus on your next ride.

Tools to help you stay busy

Drive when and where it’s busy to maximize your earnings and minimize downtime. The Driver app provides tools you can use to find busy areas and earn more.

Weekly planner

See all your bonuses in one place, and get guidance on when and where to drive to meet your earnings goals.

Stay within area

Set a radius of 5–10 miles so you can stay in busy areas.

Scheduled rides

Lock in rides that work with your driving plans. Scheduled rides include extra earnings to cover wait time.**

Wait times on the map

Find busy areas near you in real time.

Hear how top drivers stay busy in this video

Discover more ways to stay busy in this short tutorial

Keep 100% of your tips

Connecting with riders and offering good service can lead to great tips. It’s how riders say thank you. In 2023, tips made up 8% of earnings on average for all drivers.

Check out top drivers’ strategies for earning tips below.

“Opening the doors and assisting with heavy luggage shows that we care.”

Frankie, San Jose driver

“I try to make meaningful connections with people.”

Cherida, Bakersfield driver

“I love advising passengers of great night spots, shopping, or local sights.”

Ariana, Detroit driver

“I try to be conscious of the details, whether it's the temperature of the car, or the volume of music.”

Stephanie, Philadelphia driver

Frequently asked questions

**Extra pay for wait time on scheduled rides is available in most major cities in the US, with plans to expand to more this year.