Say Hello to Lyft Pass

On-Demand Demo Webinar

It’s no secret that transportation solutions are an investment in your people and your business – especially when it comes to moving employees, increasing employee engagement or improving customer satisfaction. With Lyft Pass, learn how to create custom transportation programs and cover rides for your people, while staying in control of budget and usage.

Watch this on-demand demo webinar of Lyft Pass and learn how you can create custom ride programs for your organization:

  • Keep budgets under control: keep costs under control and manage it all in the Lyft Business Portal. Reporting gives you direct visibility to monitor usage and spend so you can continue to optimize your program’s success.
  • Provide an experience that shows you care: make your organization stand out by providing a reliable and easy transportation program that delights riders.
  • Flexible programs based on your needs: from controlling the budget, creating ride rules, and determining how rides will be shared, Lyft Pass provides the flexibility your business needs to move your people.