Lyft Business Product Update

Lyft Business Rewards: new perks for travelers

Lyft Cash and Priority Pickup upgrades for your riders.

Business travel is making a comeback, and we’re introducing new rewards your riders can earn on work travel with Lyft. Your riders can now earn 3% back in Lyft Cash and a free Priority Pickup upgrade every time they spend $200 on Business Profile rides (terms apply). Separately, riders still collect points for air travel and hotels through Hilton Honors or Delta SkyMiles.

There’s no opt-in required. Once your employees have set up a Business Profile that is associated with your organization, they’ll be able to start accruing rewards. This program is currently only available to organizations that have contracted with Lyft for Business Profiles.

How it works:

  • Flexible rewards: The rewards your riders earn can be redeemed for personal or business travel. They can ride, bike, or scoot. It’s up to them.
  • Quicker pickups: If a rider is in a hurry, they can use any free Priority Pickup upgrade they earn to get a faster pickup.
  • No expirations: Rewards and upgrades never expire. And the rewards add up—you don’t have to use them first to earn more.

Whether you’ve already brought back business travel or you’re thinking about how to improve your travelers’ experience, we’d love to help. Check out our overview on the benefits of our new Business Profiles experience.

Learn more about the Business Rewards Program and read the terms & conditions. And share the word with your riders. This program is currently only available to Business Profiles riders of participating organizations.

If your organization is unable to participate in the Business Rewards Program due to applicable laws, regulations, internal policies or otherwise, please click here so that your organization can be opted out of the program.