Lyft Business Product Update

Introducing tipping for Concierge rides

Here’s to drivers who go the extra mile.

You can now reward drivers by turning on tipping for your Concierge programs. A pre-ride tip can motivate drivers to provide excellent service, while a post-ride tip rewards drivers for a great experience.

For admins

You have control over how your organization uses tipping for Concierge. Go to the Lyft Business Portal to turn this feature on for each Concierge program. Log in to the Portal, navigate to ‘Programs’ under ‘Concierge,’ and select the program. From there you can turn on tipping and set a default percentage tip. Tipping will remain off for your programs until you turn it on.

For coordinators

For Concierge programs with tipping enabled, coordinators can add tips to the rides they request from Concierge.

Tips can be added as a percentage or a dollar amount, and can be added before, during, or after a ride. Tips added before the ride will be shown to the driver before they accept the ride request.

For drivers

Tipping is a great way to thank drivers for excellent service and 100% of tips go to them. While tipping is never required, it’s always appreciated.

To turn on tipping for your programs and start rewarding drivers who provide a great rider experience, log in to the Lyft Business Portal.

Customers are solely responsible for determining whether tipping is suitable for each Concierge program for which tipping is enabled.