Lyft Business Product Update

Introducing Insights

Get just the information you need, in just a few seconds.

As an Org Admin, reporting is critical especially as you communicate with executives about your transportation program’s performance, costs, and overall success.

We want to make analyzing your transportation data easier on you. That’s why we’re introducing Insights: a brand new dashboard within the Lyft Business Portal that allows you to monitor data about your transportation programs. With Insights, you’ll be able to get both a holistic view of your data as well as the nitty gritty details all in one place.

Find data faster

Quickly apply filters and segment data with an easy to use, interactive dashboard. View the key metrics that are most important to your business, like rides completed, ride cost, ride fees, ride ratings, and more.

Dig deeper

Sort by product, program name, location, or time, and drill down into key metrics on cost, cancellations, and more. Better understand and monitor your program’s costs and usage, and download reports you can share with cross-functional teams.

Optimize your program

Quantify program success, identify opportunities, and download reports to share with stakeholders. Use these insights to ensure program success and optimize your programs through restriction adjustment, adding more people, adjusting the budget, and more.

To get started, log in to your Lyft business account and navigate to ‘Insights’ in the left hand navigation. Get insights at a glance to quickly assess program performance.

For your apps and other technology you use in life, you can find just the information you need: bank account balances, stock market performance, weather forecasts, news headlines, and on and on. Pull up the app or search — and boom — insights at a glance. Why can’t your transportation program have the same simplicity? Your Insights dashboard makes it easy to find the information you need in near real time. The dashboard automatically shows up to four key metrics on your program’s performance, like usage, rides, and costs. You can easily edit which key metrics display at one time by clicking the icon. This makes it easy to quickly get the data you need on a day-to-day basis.

Dig into your data for a deeper understanding.

Now that you see the big picture with key metrics, take a closer look and dig beneath the surface by segmenting your data. That’s where our new filtering feature comes in. We made drilling down to the details super simple. To segment your data further, you can add filters and criteria to update your key metrics and transaction table in a snap. You’ll notice two primary filters that are always applied, but you have the ability to add more filters as you need:

  • Transaction Date: This filter shows the date your transactions were successful (in UTC). Note that one ride can have more than one transaction. Refer to the appendix for an example timeline of a ride transaction, and how the transaction date can differ from other dates applicable to your transportation.
  • Product: This filter simply shows the product — such as Business Profiles, Concierge, or Lyft Pass — and the programs you created for each one.

That way, you can easily help your finance team with the following:

  • Review charges: The Insights dashboard gives you the necessary reports to reconcile program spend to your bank statement or accrued invoice. You can also tag rides appropriately so that you’re billing the right cost center or client.
  • Check for abuse: Additionally, your teams need to monitor and control the cost of the program with every ride, ensuring you stay on budget. With at-a-glance insights and fast filtering, you can see any anomalies before they become problems.

Share your program’s success with reporting.

You can still download detailed .csv files to share with your finance team, but the Insights dashboard helps you segment and filter the data more easily and with a beautiful interface, leaving the number crunching to the number crunchers. Simply set the filters you want, select and reorder your columns, export the file, and get back to a better use of your time.

Try the Insights dashboard for yourself, and optimize your program today. You’ve seen what it can do. Why not try it for yourself? The Insights dashboard gives you a deeper understanding of your transportation programs in a way that’s easy to understand.

To get started, log in to your Lyft business account, and go to ‘Insights’ in the menu on the left. Still have questions? Click here for more information about Insights.