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Tips for bringing back the in-person party in 2022

Are you planning your company’s in-person holiday event? Lucky you! And, lucky us!

Because for the first time in a long time, it’s that time of year again. The holiday season is here and everyone in your digital Rolodex can’t wait to get together and get their groove on—or at least let loose a little. Now, it’s been a while since any of us attended a company shin-dig, so here are a handful of tips for making sure the whole shebang goes off with, well, a bang!

Tip #1: The best parties begin and end with Lyft

Let’s kick it off with something simple. The best holiday parties begin and end with Lyft. Whether your guests imbibe or not, take driving—and parking—out of the equation. With Lyft Pass, you can manage costs and reduce stress by providing your people with access to reliable rides to and from your event.

Tip #2: Create a safety plan to keep everyone comfortable

Next up, is to make sure every guest who attends is comfortable, so it’s best to have a Covid safety plan. A great place to start is checking your local health department’s guidelines and regulations. Will your guests be expected to be donning masks? Your best bet is to let people do what they're comfortable with, and encourage others to honor everyone’s choices.

Tip #3: Get your people involved in the party planning

With a safety plan in place, it’s time to pick a venue, and theme if that’s your thing. An Office-themed office party? Everyone loves karaoke, right? Poll your employees for ideas and find out what they would enjoy the most. Maybe bring your team together around a table for a meal with everyone’s families. Or, keep people mingling and moving with a catered cocktail affair. Whatever you decide, the best option is the one that works for your company and helps your people relax. Afterall, the whole point is to enjoy each other's company doing anything else but work.

Tip #4: Picking the right beats, treats, and overall vibe

We know that planning a menu for everyone’s tastes can be stressful and complex, so do your best to be inclusive and everyone will appreciate it. When it comes to food, and having fun, it’s important to have something for everybody. Like, chicken tenders for the kids—and the picky-eating adults. It’s probably smart to serve some veggie options. You don’t have to serve amuse bouche to feel fancy, but you also don’t have to feel fancy at all. Maybe your meal needs to match your playlist. Small bites make it easier to keep dancing. But, a big sit-down dinner leaves more time for conversation and lowers the stakes a little. What’s most important is that your people have fun and feel appreciated.

Tip #5: Send your people home with access to reliable rides

Now that you’ve dished, dined, and maybe danced a little, it’s time for all to bid adieu. But, before your guests head for the exits, make sure you’ve handled how they're getting home. Send your guests a Lyft Pass ahead of time, so they know you’ve got them covered and can enjoy themselves with access to a reliable ride.

That’s all there is to it. Simple, right? We know there’s pressure with party planning, but with Lyft Pass we can take two big things off your plate by making transportation to and from your event less stressful on you and your guests. So focus on getting your collective groove on, and throw a memorable party that will go down as legend in your workplace.