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One Program Every Company Should Have Before Returning to Work


More than a year into the pandemic and after vaccinations, the trade-offs of a completely remote culture are clearly surfacing.

At the same time, in-person company culture matters. Your company wants its teams to come back to the office. (At least a few days a week.)

What do you do?

Offer employee benefits that matter

Face-to-face connection is fundamental to company culture and business results. According to a November 2020 report by real estate firm JLL, 70% of office workers believe their workplaces are more conducive to collaborating with colleagues, solving complex issues, managing staff, and connecting with leadership.

Unfortunately, the office can’t be the only selling point to an employee.

To make your company stand out, start from the ground up. Whether you have five employees or 5,000, you can talk to your workers about what they want to make your workplace distinct.

Send out a survey! Have a quick chat! Host an executive AMA! Your employees will welcome the opportunity to share what keeps them motivated each and every day.

At Lyft, our partners see major trends, such as wellness benefits, jumping to the top of the list, followed by unique perks and unlimited PTO. There’s also one particular benefit that many employers don’t always expect to see – but pops up quite a bit.

The allure of commute programs

Commute benefits can relieve the stress of returning to an office. Plain and simple.

The pandemic has forced many employees to reconsider their workdays. Getting to and from the office will likely become an added stressor if they have to start factoring in the added time and cost. If commuting is one less thing employees have to worry about, they can come back re-energized, excited to collaborate in-person, and able to focus on their tasks.

Creating a commute program with Lyft

Before your team returns to the office, you can ensure they’re set up for success by having reliable transportation to and from their workplace. With Lyft Business, you can provide smooth rides to wherever people need to go. And you’ll get great customer support too. From setting up your account to booking your first ride, we have your back.

Download 6 reasons to create a commute program here.