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How to take the stress out of employee commutes


It goes without saying: the pandemic has brought unprecedented uncertainty to anyone that used to commute to their workplace.

With the lingering questions about how and when offices will reopen, you can take action now to ensure your return-to-work strategy actively addresses employee stress that arises from the thought of commuting.

Why commuting is a stressor

During the pandemic, employees have started to use their “commute time” on other activities. Relaxing. Spending time with families. Doing errands. Working out.

Getting them back into rush hour traffic isn’t going to be easy. Between unpredictable bus schedules, inflexible shuttle routes, and packed parking lots, commuting can be stressful — especially when employees haven’t been doing it for over a year.

Lyft recently surveyed 1,000 U.S. workers across multiple industries, to see how commuting impacts the employee experience. We found some interesting trends:

  • 57% of employees feel anxious about their commute options
  • 58% of employees think their commute impacts the quality of their work
  • 78% of employees say their commute affects workplace satisfaction

Clearly, getting the commute right is an important step to keeping workers happy.

Introducing commute programs as a company benefit

That’s where Lyft and other rideshare companies come in. Simply put, working with a service like Lyft can help you find options that will allow your team to make back to work as easy as possible.

We’ll partner with you to craft custom solutions for your unique business:

  • Want to make the ride to work and back home a little easier for all your employees? Offer with monthly ride credit.
  • What about when public transit doesn’t get your team exactly where they need to go? Cover the first and last leg of the commute.
  • Looking for a reliable way to get home after dark or for an emergency ride? Give your night owls a ride home.
  • Need to replace fixed schedule routes with a more flexible way to get around? Use rideshare as a shuttle replacement.
  • In search of traffic and parking lot relief? Alleviate over-crowded parking lots and reduce single-occupancy vehicles

Want to see what else a commute program has to offer? Check out our 6 reasons to create a commute program to discover how Lyft can help contribute to a positive employee experience.