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How to Help Your Company Encourage Sustainability


Want to make your employees happier?

Now more than ever, employees are concerned about the environmental impact of the companies they work for. And they tend to take a positive view of organizations taking proactive steps to reduce their carbon footprints.

Sustainability has become especially important to business travelers. According to SAPConcur’s Global Travel Manager Report, 63% of survey participants said they expect to make environmentally-friendly decisions when traveling.

Here are a few steps you can take to encourage sustainable habits at your company and drive employee satisfaction.

It’s the little things

Small gestures add up to big results. Consider providing your team with helpful sustainability tips before they take off, so that they can make conscientious choices throughout their trip.

How about:

  • Opting for digital or e-tickets
  • Using reusable, travel-sized toiletries instead of the disposable, in-room options
  • Bringing their own water bottles instead of single-use plastics
  • Recycling and composting while on the road

Nudging your travelers to be a little greener not only shows your awareness of the issue, but also shows your, but it also shows your commitment to decreasing environmental impact.

Do business with green businesses

Another way to demonstrate eco-consciousness is through the companies you work with. Any outside vendor’s approach to sustainability can be thoughtfully evaluated before committing to a partnership.

Carbon-neutral vendors can be found across every major industry, including:

  • Food vendors
  • Software companies
  • Swag suppliers
  • Shipping carriers

It’s another way of saying ‘buyer beware’ — and you’re the buyer.

What we’re doing

Lyft has crafted a vision to rebuild cities around people. This will be achieved through alternatives to car ownership with seamless access to on-demand rides, car rentals, bikes, scooters and transit.

We’re also teaming up with companies like yours to make the employee commute as efficient as possible. Want to see how a commute program can benefit your team? Check out our 6 reasons to create a commute program here.