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3 ways to win at retail with rideshare

The demand for employees is still at an all-time high, as labor shortages continue to impact industries across the board—especially frontline workers.

The labor shortage isn’t ideal for retail businesses, but it has motivated employers to get creative. The current landscape has provided an opportunity for retailers to adapt and figure out better ways to serve, attract and retain workers. Good news: Offering Lyft rides is one way retailers can help.

Here are three unexpected ways rideshare can help you stand out as a retailer with our Lyft Business products:

Improve operational efficiency in the workplace

During any given work week, even the best teams run into efficiency challenges. From navigating Covid-19 protocols, staffing shortages, to supply chain issues—it’s evident that employees need all the support they can get during this unprecedented time.

Retail managers can alleviate these challenges by offering subsidized rideshare credits to help keep employees focused on work, by giving them one less thing to worry about—their commute.

Here are some ways we partner with retailers:

  • Want to help employees access transportation to and from work, store locations, trainings, and other business needs? Offer a set ride credit.
  • Need to keep budgets under control? Easily track and manage how the credit is being used with advanced reporting, all in one dashboard.
  • What about getting around unexpected moments like transit interruptions, inclement weather, store closures, last-minute shifts and schedule changes? Lyft can help facilitate on-demand rides, arriving in minutes.

Today, Lyft partners with eight out of the 10 top retailers. By providing their employees with access to transportation and meeting minimum staffing requirements, they’re able to keep stores open, incur fewer missed shifts, and provide better service.

Boost hiring and maintain employee retention

Did you know that 23 percent of US workers have quit a job because of a tough commute? From traffic delays and car trouble, to long distances, commuting tends to be a big pain point in the employee’s journey. And it can be quite stressful.

Employees are reevaluating their priorities and expectations from employers—seeking better hours, pay, and flexibility. Transportation coverage can positively impact an employee’s decision to work for a particular company. By providing ride credits, retail leaders can raise their competitive edge, alleviate employee worries, and deal with unexpected interruptions.

Fun fact: Lyft has partnered with leading retailers to provide access to transportation and helped fill 1.1M open and closing shifts since 2020. Being able to leverage rideshare has been a game-changer for employees.

Show that you care

Now more than ever, employees prefer a workplace culture that prioritizes mental, physical, and emotional well-being. According to a recent LinkedIn report, if they feel cared for at work, they’re three times more likely to be happy there.

Providing access to transportation with a solution like Lyft shows employees that you’re invested in them, and that can go a long way. When transportation is a barrier for employees, Lyft rides can help address a lot of these gaps like:

  • Prioritizing employee safety for late night and early morning shifts
  • Traveling with ease when the employee doesn’t have access to a personal vehicle
  • Providing a peace of mind with a reliable, flexible transportation network company

Learn how retailers partner with Lyft to facilitate reliable rides for employees—and how your organization can too. Sign up here and a team member will contact you.