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Colleges and universities across the country partner with Lyft to provide convenient (and carbon-neutral!) rides for students, faculty, and staff.


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An educated choice for transportation

More than 100 colleges and universities have joined up with us to create transportation programs that prioritize safety and cut costs. Connect with our team to learn how Lyft can help out on – and off – your campus.


Safety's always first

Regular background checks. In-app emergency services. Real-time, shareable ride maps. We prioritize safety, and want our riders to know it as soon as they get in a car.

Reduced parking demand

When riders use Lyft, it cuts down on the number of people who need to park. That can make your campus an easier place to visit.

A smaller carbon footprint

We work closely with campuses to help them achieve their sustainability goals, and invest in carbon offsets so that every Lyft ride is carbon-neutral.


Late night rides

We’ll work with your campus to create a late-night program that ensures students, faculty, and staff can get where they need to go even after buses, trains, and shuttles have stopped running.

Bikes and scooters

Hopping on a bike or scooter is an affordable (and super-fun) way to get around. We’ll partner with you to design a program tailored to your institution’s needs.

Shuttle service support

Campus shuttle programs are a great way to get around – but shuttles can’t be everywhere at once. We help supplement existing programs, to bridge the gap between your main campus and satellite facilities.

First mile/last mile

Make travel easier by helping your riders connect seamlessly to buses, trains, and other forms of transit they already use to get around.

Programs built for your campus

Lyft Pass

You can give ride credits to students, faculty, and staff to help them get where they're going.

Lyft Concierge

Set up rides on behalf of your passengers. Send a ride immediately, schedule one for later, or let passengers request rides on their own.

Lyft Business Portal

Your go-to destination for insights into your institution's ride spend, and matters involving policy adherence and duty of care.


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Ohio State students now have new late-night travel option

ASU, Lyft agreement offers ASU discounts, provides sustainable transit

UChicago partnered with Lyft to offer late-night, reduced fare for students

“The safety of our students, faculty and staff is the first priority. Lyft has been successful in offering our Longhorn community flexible, reliable transportation during the nighttime hours.”

Bobby Stone

Director of Parking and Transportation Services at The University of Texas at Austin

“The Lyft Program is one of the most cost-efficient alternative operation solutions on campus with over $190,000 in annual savings by supplementing our Wilderness campus transportation service.”

Clark Rider

Sustainable Transportation Specialist at University of Colorado Boulder

“Lyft’s 100 percent carbon-neutral rides pair well with ASU sustainability efforts. Offering Lyft as part of the transportation mix advances our goal of zero emissions from transportation by 2035.”

Nichol Luoma

Vice President of University Business Services, University Sustainability Operations Officer and Chief Procurement Officer at Arizona State University

Better campus transit starts here

Please use this form if you are a university staff member looking to set up a program on behalf of your school.

If you are a student or employee looking for more information on Lyft programs at your school, please reach out to your school's transportation department. If you are a rider looking for support, please visit our support center.