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Women+ Connect Feature Launches in More Cities

Nov 2, 2023
Women+ Connect Expands

The highly requested Women+ Connect feature is now available in more than 50 additional cities. Women+ Connect launched in September in five early access cities — San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, and San Jose — and starting today, it will now be available to more drivers and riders across the country. 

Women+ Connect is a feature that matches women and nonbinary drivers with more women and nonbinary riders. This feature offers more control over the driving experience for women and nonbinary people, allowing them to feel more confident. With fewer barriers to driving, more women can access flexible earning opportunities — whether they're driving to build a business, support their family, or simply to enjoy earning good money while meeting great people. 

We’re already seeing exciting and encouraging results just a few weeks after we launched Women+ Connect in five early access cities: 

  • In the early access markets where Women+ Connect was launched, more than half of eligible drivers, and about 200,000 eligible riders, have already opted in to use the feature.

  • Riders who opted in during the first six weeks of launch in early access cities had about 60% more rides with a woman or nonbinary drivers

  • Drivers using Women+ Connect are keeping the feature on 99% of the time. 

  • Our community is enjoying the feature; the majority of drivers rate Women+ Connect as “great.”

"Women+ Connect lets more women and nonbinary drivers get access to rideshare's good, flexible earnings, and gives more riders a sense of comfort and camaraderie," said Lyft CEO David Risher. "We've been thrilled by the response and are proud to extend the feature to over 50 new cities and towns across the US.”

Here’s what drivers are saying about Women+ Connect:

“I’ve talked with several women passengers about it and they all love it. I’m personally typically driving on the platform very early mornings and having Women+ Connect actually encourages me to drive more.” - Ambrosia, a driver in Chicago 

“I’ve noticed a change in the riders I’ve picked up since using Women+ Connect, particularly during the weekends. On Friday and Saturday I’m pretty much just driving women at night and I just feel safer. Since it launched, I’ve been telling every single one of my riders (even including men!) about Women+ Connect, and they’re all so excited about it.” - Gabriela, a driver in Chicago

“I’ve always thought a feature like Women+ Connect would be a good idea, and to see Lyft creating something like this is so cool. This job really helps me, and I’m able to bring in some money and have the flexibility I need for my kids. I find myself driving more at night with Women+ Connect, which has allowed new opportunities for me to earn money, and now my family is more supportive of me driving at night with the feature too.” - Amy, a driver in Phoenix

Women+ Connect Dual Rider Panel

“Lyft has shown an ongoing commitment to transgender and non-binary people, by building intentional and inclusive products to make rideshare better for these folks. We at HRC stand behind that, and we’re excited to see this feature become more widely available.” Jay Brown, Human Rights Campaign 

“Women+Connect is a great feature that can make an important difference in how women use and view rideshare. NAWLEE looks forward to Lyft extending this to more cities and making it more widely available so women and nonbinary individuals can feel more confident when they are taking rideshare.” Kym Craven, National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE)

Women+ Connect is now available in:

Albuquerque, NM

Columbus, OH

Macon, GA

Rochester, NY

Allentown, PA

Daytona Beach, FL

Milwaukee, WI

Sacramento, CA

Athens, GA

Denver, CO

Nashville, TN

Salt Lake City, UT

Atlanta, GA

Durham, NC

New Jersey (all)

San Antonio, TX

Austin, TX

Fort Myers, FL

New Orleans, LA

San Diego, CA

Bakersfield, CA

Fresno, CA

Oklahoma City, OK

San Francisco, CA

Baltimore, MD

Gainesville, FL

Orlando, FL

San Jose, CA

Baton Rouge, LA

Gary, IN

Phoenix, AZ

Seattle, WA

Buffalo, NY

Greensboro, NC

Portland, OR

Syracuse, NY

Charleston, SC

Hartford, CT

Providence, RI

Tampa Bay, FL

Charlotte, NC

Houston, TX

Raleigh, NC

Tucson, AZ

Chicago, IL

Kansas City, MO

Reno, NV

Tulsa, OK

Cincinnati, OH

Lexington, KY

Richmond, VA

Victorville, CA

Colorado Springs, CO

Louisville, KY

Rio Grande Valley, TX

So if you’re bored of delivering fast food, and want to meet new people, or just moved to a new city and are heading out on a Saturday night — this is your moment. Download the latest version of the Lyft app and we’ll let you know when Women+ Connect is live in your city. Learn more about Women+ Connect: