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Shared Rides Return to More Cities

May 5, 2022

As of July, Shared rides are available in 14 markets, including: Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, Washington D.C., Boston, Portland, and San Diego. We plan to expand to additional markets throughout 2022.

Shared rides are returning to more markets this May–rolling out in San Francisco, San Jose, Denver, Las Vegas and Atlanta and joining existing Shared markets including Philadelphia and Miami. Additional Shared markets are returning in phases through 2022. 

We’ve fine-tuned Shared rides to make them more efficient and reliable for both riders and drivers. We’ve kept all the parts our community loved – saving money and making friends – and ditched the parts they didn’t. For riders, this means a more affordable, reliable ride option. For drivers, this means Shared rides are completely optional through 2022 without penalty.

For those who haven’t been in a Shared ride in a while, here’s what to expect:

Save even more: With Shared, riders will always pay less than they would for the same Standard ride.  Riders can now request a Shared ride ahead of time for the most affordable pricing available. The further in advance a rider books, the more discounted the ride. 

Reliable ETAs: Upon rollout, Shared rides will have no more than two passengers in the ride. Fewer stops mean more direct routes, so riders can get to where they are going more quickly and efficiently. 

Shared etiquette: Thanks to rider and driver feedback, we’ve updated our in-ride guidelines to create a smooth experience for everyone in the car: 

  • Each ride request is limited to one person. This means that riders will not be able to book a Shared ride for two people at this time.

  • A co-rider may be dropped off first if their destination is on the way.

  • Riders should respect co-riders’ and drivers’ choices about masking up. Masks are optional and up to each rider’s preference.

  • For the best ride experience, riders should use their library voice if on the phone, and stash away food and drinks.

“As one of our most in-demand and affordable ride options, we look forward to gradually bringing Shared rides back,” said Lyft’s Head of Rideshare, Ashwin Raj. “We recognize the world has changed and our offerings need to evolve with it. That’s why we are bringing Shared rides back in phases and listening to feedback along the way–all so we can continue to deliver the best possible service for our riders and drivers.”

We offer a variety of ride options so that riders can pick the price and speed that meet their needs. Shared is our most affordable option and available in select markets, while Wait & Save is a cost-effective alternative that is available more broadly and great for riders who aren’t in a hurry. 


Can I sit in the front seat for a Shared ride?

  • Yes. Shared rides are currently designed for a maximum of 2 passengers and you can now sit in the front seat if both you and your driver are comfortable with it.

Will Shared always be limited to two riders? Will you resume the ability to select two passengers (i.e. yourself + a second person)? 

  • We’re currently limiting Shared rides to two riders to allow the middle seat to remain unoccupied. In the future, we hope to resume the ability to select two passengers and allow more than two riders. In the meantime, we’ll continue listening to community feedback as we roll out Shared–and evaluate and modify our policies as needed so that Shared remains an easy, affordable and reliable ride. 

Is there a fuel surcharge for Shared rides?

  • Yes, until further notice, each rider pays the $0.55 fuel surcharge–all of which goes directly to drivers.

How much cheaper is a Shared ride versus a Standard ride, or Wait & Save?

  • Pricing is dynamic and varies locally, but overall Shared rides will be the most affordable option for our riders. Shared rides will always be cheaper than the same given Standard ride. There will also always be a Shared option that is cheaper than Wait & Save, though some riders may see additional, faster Shared options that may be more expensive than Wait & Save. In addition, the further in advance a Shared ride is booked, the more the rider can expect to save. 

I’m a rider in a market that previously had Shared rides, but don’t yet see the option in my app.

  • We are ramping up Shared rides in phases, so not all riders will immediately have access to Shared rides once again. We plan to ramp up Shared availability throughout 2022 and will continue to launch additional markets. In the meantime, our Wait & Save mode is an affordable ride option that is available more broadly and great for riders who aren’t in a hurry.