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Rideshare rebound: More drivers, less wait time

Jun 16, 2021
Lyft Amp

With nearly half of all Americans fully vaccinated, rideshare demand has meaningfully rebounded. In cities across the country, people are ready to get out, embrace their friends, families and enjoy their communities once again. 

In fact, it’s been almost too much of a good thing as ride requests have outpaced the number of available drivers! This has led to longer wait times and frequent Prime Time pricing. But we’re happy to report that the number of drivers on the Lyft network has gone up significantly and it’s already leading to a better rider experience. 

Here are few stats:

  • More drivers on the Lyft network. Since the beginning of May, the number of drivers on the Lyft platform has increased by 10%. In fact, thousands of new drivers were activated in just the past two weeks. 

  • Wait times are down. With more drivers at the ready, wait times are going down. Compared to one month ago, wait times are down more than 15% on average nationwide, and down as much as 35% in some major markets like Las Vegas. Wait times are 25-30% shorter in Austin, Houston, Nashville, Miami, Philadelphia and Tampa, and 15-20% shorter in San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington DC, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, Phoenix and more.

  • Fewer rides include Prime Time pricing. Compared to the last week of March, there were about 15% less rides with Prime Time during the last week of May.

These trends are promising! But wait times and prices may continue to fluctuate over time as the rebound from COVID-19 continues. We want riders to have options — here are a few ways riders can save time or money: 

  • Join Lyft Pink for perks. Lyft Pink is our rider membership program that offers preferred pricing and an elevated experience. For $19.99 per month, benefits include 15% savings on all car rides, priority airport pickups, surprise offers, relaxed cancellations, and more.

  • Schedule a ride in advance. Plan ahead--up to 7 days in advance--with scheduled rides

  • Have flexibility? Try Wait & Save. With Wait & Save*, riders can opt for a longer wait time and pay a lower fare than a standard ride. 

  • In a hurry? Use Priority Pickups*. Get a faster pickup at a slightly higher price.

  • Skip the car and grab a bike or scooter. Available in more than a dozen major U.S. cities, Lyft’s network of bikes and scooters offer an alternative low-cost mode of transportation.

  • Taking a road trip? Rent a car right from the Lyft app with no mileage fees. You get a free $40 Lyft credit for getting to and from the rental car location ($20 each way).

Have Flexibility? Try Wait & Save

Want to drive with Lyft? 

It’s a great time to join — with a flexible option like Lyft, you can be your own boss and decide when and where you work. And with the incentives we’re currently providing, drivers in Lyft’s top markets are earning nearly 50% more than pre-pandemic. Click here to learn more about becoming a Lyft driver


*Wait & Save and Priority Pickups are not always available, and are currently only available in some areas.
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