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Lyft’s popular Women+ Connect feature is now available nationwide

Feb 13, 2024

Women+ Connect, a highly-requested feature that lets women and nonbinary riders and drivers ride together more often, is now available nationwide. This expanded rollout was in direct response to the strong demand we’ve seen since the launch back in September. Since then, millions of people - drivers and riders - have been using this feature. We’re excited to make it available in more than 240 markets across the nation today.

The last year has been dominated by women breaking barriers. From making history at the box office to world tours and award shows, women are going places. At Lyft, it’s our goal to get them where they’re going comfortably and confidently. Women+ Connect offers more control over the rideshare experience for women and nonbinary riders and drivers. Lyft recognizes and supports women's unique needs for flexible earning opportunities, whether they're prioritizing family schedules, building their own business, or simply earning good money while meeting great people in their communities.

“I’ve noticed a change in the riders I’ve picked up since using Women+ Connect, particularly during the weekends. On Friday and Saturday, I’m pretty much just driving women at night and I just feel safer. Since it launched, I’ve been telling every single one of my riders (even including men!) about Women+ Connect, and they’re all so excited about it.” — Gabriela, a driver in Chicago.

“I'm back using Lyft again because I feel safe. From calling for a ride in the middle of the night or when I need to fly, I feel safe.” — Katie, a rider in Austin, Texas.

Women+ Connect launched in September in five early access cities, then expanded to an additional 50 cities just over a month later. The response from riders and drivers has been incredible: 

  • Drivers using Women+ Connect keep the feature on 99% of the time. 

  • Nearly 7 million Women+ Connect rides have been completed to-date. 

  • 67% of eligible drivers have opted in to Women+ Connect.

  • Women+ Connect is one of our highest-rated driver features. 

“Drivers and riders asked for it, and Lyft is the only rideshare company with Women+ Connect in the US,” said Lyft CEO David Risher. When rideshare is better for women and nonbinary people, rideshare is better for everyone. We’re proud to bring the comfort and camaraderie of Women+ Connect to millions across the country.”

Driving and riding with peace of mind

We’re always working on new ways to empower drivers and riders. To build an equitable platform where women and nonbinary people can thrive, we need to build a platform where they feel comfortable. And both drivers and riders have told us they feel more comfortable and at ease while ridesharing with Women+ Connect.

Beyond Women+ Connect, Lyft has built a range of other features and partnerships to give drivers and riders peace of mind. These include: 

  • Emergency Help with ADT (now with video recording): If a rider or driver requires emergency assistance, a trained ADT agent can contact 911 on their behalf, share updated location and ride details, and request emergency services. Divers can connect with ADT via a phone call or real-time one-way video recording, and riders can also request help via a phone call, text, or silent alert.

  • Smart Trip Check-In: Lyft monitors rides for unusual activity, like long stops or route deviations. If we notice anything off about a ride, we’ll contact the rider and driver to see if they need help. Riders can also schedule a check-in to confirm they got to their destination safely.

  • Share location: Riders and drivers can add trusted contacts to their safety settings to let loved ones see where they are, in real time.

  • Specialized support and advocacy: Safety team members are always standing by, ready to help via phone or chat. We also have a specialized team of credentialed victim advocates to help in specific situations, and each member has over 330 hours of training in trauma-informed care.

So whether you live in Wichita, Worcester, Winston-Salem, or Waco — check out Women+ Connect for your next night out or week behind the wheel: