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Lyft Revamps Shared Rides with New Experience for Riders and Drivers

Jul 15, 2021

Shared rides are back and better than ever. As cities across the country continue to reopen, we’re helping communities get moving again – and providing more opportunities for drivers to earn – by reintroducing our lowest cost ride option. Starting Monday, we’ll be launching a brand new Shared ride experience in Philadelphia, Chicago and Denver, with plans to expand to additional markets in the coming months. 

We’ve reimagined Shared rides to make them more efficient, reliable and enjoyable for both riders and drivers. We kept all the parts our community loved – saving money and making friends – and ditched the parts they didn’t. For riders, this means a seamless experience and a more affordable, reliable ride. For drivers, this means increased utilization, decreased downtime and even more earnings opportunities. 

Here’s what to expect from the new Shared rides: 

Affordability: As our lowest cost option, Shared rides make Lyft even more accessible to riders. We’re also introducing a new feature that allows riders to request their Shared ride ahead of time to lock in the most affordable pricing available. The further in advance a rider books, the more discounted the ride.

New booking options for more efficient routing: Now, riders have choices: order a ride that will arrive as soon as a driver is available, or plan ahead and request a ride up to 30 minutes in advance. By requesting in advance, Lyft can better match riders going in the same direction for the most efficient route – and riders will see a little extra savings.

Enhanced route clarity and reliability: We’re getting rid of unexpected route changes and surprise pick-ups, so riders can trust that Shared rides will get them where they’re going on time. When riders request a Shared ride in advance that is labeled “no surprise pickups,” the route will be fixed, they’ll know the number of pick-ups along the way and the ETA will be more accurate – a win for both riders and drivers.  

A few new rules: We gathered feedback directly from drivers and riders and created new in-ride guidelines to promote health safety and improve the ride experience for everyone in the car:

  • All riders and drivers are required to wear masks

  • Each Shared ride will be limited to two riders total to help maximize physical distance (this also means that riders will not be able to book a Shared ride for two people at this time) 

  • The front and middle seats must be kept empty

  • Eating and drinking is not allowed during the ride 

  • If anyone in the car isn’t following the above guidelines, riders and drivers have the ability to cancel the ride without penalty and report any issues to Lyft.

"As the country reopens, we want our most affordable ride option to be available to our riders,” said Lyft President and Co-Founder John Zimmer. “After a year and a half without Shared rides, people are going to love the updates we've made – no surprise pickups, knowing your full route before you get in, and a new option to book ahead."

We offer a variety of ride options so that riders can pick the mode that gets them where they’re going at the price and speed that meet their needs. Our most affordable mode is Shared, but the Wait & Save mode is a cost-effective alternative to Shared for riders who want to minimize the number of people in the car. We also understand that some drivers may not feel comfortable giving Shared rides quite yet, so we’re giving them the option to decline Shared rides with no effect on their bonuses or acceptance rate. 

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