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Lyft Media Partners with Focus Features for Driveaway Dolls Promotion

May 3, 2024

Lyft Media and Focus Features promote the launch of Driveaway Dolls through in-app advertising and exciting in-car activations

Lyft and Focus Features have collaborated to promote the launch of the film Driveaway Dolls, which features a star-studded cast. From February 1st – March 3rd, Focus Features ran a campaign with in-app advertising and a custom map takeover. Focus Features also engaged riders with exciting car wrap activations to help generate buzz.

Leaning into the outrageously fun road trip storyline, Focus Features released a fleet of special movie-themed cars wrapped in Driveaway Dolls artwork in the lead up to the film’s release. Highlighting the role that a briefcase plays in the film, briefcases were placed in the trunks of the vehicles in NYC and LA, and lucky riders were surprised with gift cards from Fandango at the end of their rides. In addition to the media executions from Lyft’s omnichannel media platforms, discounted ride codes were also offered to riders for the movie premiere.

In-app advertising and video 

Driveaway Dolls leveraged Poster and Video ads to promote the film in the Lyft app, which also linked to the trailer and website to purchase tickets.

Car wraps

Focus Features promoted Driveaway Dolls with a fleet of movie-themed cars wrapped in film artwork.

Map takeovers

Focus Features offered riders a $5 promo code that unlocked a custom Map Takeover that replaced cars with Driveaway Dolls branded briefcases.

Lyft Media launched in August 2022 and recently expanded to in-app advertising in August 2023.  Lyft Media’s products are available in the app nationally, across in-car tablets in 14 markets, and across 4 bikeshare markets.

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