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Lyft Media Expands with Video, Measurement & Targeting

Mar 21, 2024

Lyft Media is continuing to expand advertising solutions with the full launch of in-app video ads nationwide, new collaborations for improved targeting with Oracle, and third-party brand measurement with Nielsen. As riders are traveling to their destinations, brands can get in front of them with the high-impact format of in-app video ads, fully launched across the country on iOS and android devices. This new format demonstrates Lyft’s dedication to building a full funnel marketing solution that drives impact for brands. Lyft launched in-app ads in August 2023. 

Video Ads

In-app video ads offer brands the opportunity to reach an audience of up to 22.4 million active Lyft riders in contextually relevant moments in their day. Advertisers will have 100% share of voice in the app during the rider’s journey to their destination. Video ads can run between 15 seconds to 4 minutes, and will appear the moment someone requests a Lyft until they are dropped off at their final location. The ads will appear directly within the Lyft app where a rider checks the app 9x, on average.

Launch partners for in-app video include Warner Bros., BetMGM, Universal Pictures, United Airlines, and others. Since the launch of video ads, campaigns have seen viewability benchmarks up to 14% above industry standards.

Investments in Third-Party Brand Measurement 

Advertisers can leverage Lyft’s internal measurement solutions as well as Lyft’s third party measurement partners to understand and validate the impact on key audiences.

  • Nielsen - Lyft’s new agreement with Nielsen offers three new measurement solutions for its advertisers. This includes lift-based solutions measuring brand and sales performance (Nielsen Brand Impact and Buyer Lift) as well as audience verification (Nielsen ONE) to measure deduplicated reach and frequency for its advertising campaigns. 

  • Kantar - Last August, Lyft also announced a strategic partnership with Kantar to help advertisers measure the effectiveness of their digital campaigns. Advertisers can leverage their measurement studies to understand metrics like awareness, purchase intent, and brand association. 

  • Reveal Mobile - As a measurement partner since 2021, Reveal Mobile’s Mira studies allow brands to measure brand lift and impact across their out-of-home campaigns.

“Leveraging Nielsen One Ads in conjunction with Nielsen Brand Impact solutions unlocks comprehensive insights for advertisers previously not available in the marketplace,” said Ameneh Atai, GM, Audience Measurement at Nielsen. “Lyft Media advertisers will see in real time how reach and frequency metrics can influence brand KPIs, powering actionable insights to guide more informed campaign strategy going forward.”

Expanded Audience Targeting 

In addition to Lyft’s unique set of first-party data across ride area, ride history, payment method, and lifestyle segments, advertisers will now have the ability to further refine targeting parameters leveraging retail purchase behavior and demographic attributes with the help of our new collaboration with Oracle Advertising’s Data Enrichment solution.

About Lyft Media

Brands and agencies can now partner with Lyft across a broad range of digital and out-of-home advertising solutions, including in-app ads, in-car tablets, on-car digital screens, and on-street bikeshare stations. Lyft Media’s advertising products are available in the app nationally, across in-car tablets in 12 markets with expansion to NYC in April, on-car digital screens in 5 markets, and across 4 on-street bikeshare markets. 

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