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Halo’s Master Chief Takes Over the Lyft App

Feb 27, 2024

Lyft and Paramount+ have teamed up to promote the launch of Halo Season 2 across Lyft’s in-app ads.

Lyft and Paramount+ teamed up to promote the latest season of Halo, now available for streaming on Paramount+. On February 9th, Master Chief, Halo’s lead protagonist, took over the Lyft map.  The event was timed to the show's release on February 8th and impactful Superbowl weekend. Paramount+ also ran an in-app Takeover for their Super Bowl campaign on Sunday, February 11th. Instead of riders seeing a car icon traveling within the app, riders saw Master Chief’s helmet, on their way to and from destinations. This is the first Streaming brand to run a Takeover of the Lyft map through Lyft Media.

"Bringing Halo to Lyft’s community was an exciting opportunity to drive awareness for the hit series and reach audiences on a scale that’s never been done before in the Lyft app. Part of a multifaceted campaign anchored around the biggest event of the year on Paramount+, Super Bowl LVIII, the partnership gave Lyft riders a peek into the world of Halo. Teaming up with partners like Lyft to create innovative - and entertaining - ways to introduce Paramount’s content to consumers continues to be successful in engaging new subscribers in our series and films."  - Domenic DiMeglio, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Data, Paramount Streaming

Halo’s Master Chief Map Takeover 

Master Chief took over the Lyft app nationwide which was the largest national takeover in Lyft’s history.

In-App Advertising

Paramount+ promoted Halo’s new season through video ads shown in the Lyft app. Lyft riders check their phones 9 times on average– looking at their route, drop-off info, ETAs, and tipping options, so they can watch Halo’s trailer every time they check their app. 

Lyft Media launched in August 2022 and recently expanded to in-app advertising in August 2023.  Lyft Media’s products are available in the app nationally, across in-car tablets in 12 markets, on-car digital screens in 5 markets, and across 4 bikeshare markets.

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