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Expanding Voting Access in 2020

Jan 31, 2020

Every citizen who wants to exercise their fundamental right to vote should have reliable, affordable access to the polls – regardless of income, age, zip code, or political affiliation. Yet in the last presidential election, it’s estimated that more than 15 million eligible voters didn’t go to the polls in large part because they lacked a way to get there

This election year, for the first time, we’re providing voters with free and discounted rides to the polls throughout the entire primary calendar and the general election – a significant expansion from our 2018 program

Starting with the Iowa Caucus next week and continuing through all primaries and caucuses leading up to the general election, we’ll be offering free rides through a number of nonprofit partners. Our partners will distribute rides directly to people in their networks whom they identify as most in need of transportation. These partners include:

  • League of Women Voters

  • National Federation of the Blind

  • Student Veterans of America

  • National Urban League

  • Voto Latino Foundation

Our Voting Access Program is part of our recently-launched LyftUp initiative – a comprehensive effort to expand transportation access to those who need it most. LyftUp bridges the most serious transportation gaps in cities across North America – using free and discounted rides to help address challenges like joblessness, food insecurity, and poor health


Anyone can join LyftUp by rounding up your ride payment in the Lyft app and donating to an organization of your choice. Learn more

Over the next few months, we’ll share more information on Lyft’s effort to expand access to voting and other forms of civic engagement in 2020 – ensuring you can get to the polls and make your voice heard, no matter who or what you vote for. We’ll also be working with partners like When We All Vote to help people register and prepare to vote. 

At this stage in the election year, we are not offering a public ride code; instead, we’re working through nonprofit partners to distribute codes within communities most in need of access. We will share more information about our plans for how the broader public can participate in these efforts in the coming months. 

Our Voting Access partners were chosen through a closed process. We are not accepting solicitations for new partners.

Promo codes, which will be distributed by our Voting Access partners, can be used for Lyft rides to polling locations, including registered dropbox locations if you are in an exclusively vote-by-mail state. Limited quantity available. Limit one per user. Lyft promo codes and discounts are offered in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and cannot be combined with other ride credit or offers. Offer of promo code is not intended to induce, nor is it conditioned on, the act of voting, or voting for or against any particular person or measure. Subject to Lyft's Terms of Service